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Portland near Weymouth, Dorset

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MrsWeasley Thu 16-Aug-07 19:44:39

I have just come back from a few nights staying in the Youth Hostel in Portland and it was fantastic. here is the link

First when a friend said she goes to YHs I thought "Oh that's not for me" but decided to give it a try because we haven't had a holiday for a few years and they had a last minute vacancy (only booked it last week)

We had a family room with ensuite facilities it cost us £100 a night, for 6 of us, which included a lovely breakfast (my kids ate loads)

We were familiar with the area having visited Weymouth loads of times but usually stayed in rented flats or caravans but this hostel had a lovely lounge where we could play games in the evening or a TV lounge so dh could ensure the football league hadn't collapsed without him LOL. There was a lovely big garden and the people who run it were very friendly and very good with the children.

It was really close to Chesil beach, Which I had visited as a kid and my DC thought it was amazing. We went to the visitors centre this morning and the gentleman there showed the DC what had been found on the beach and what to look out for and then with armfuls of "treasures" found on the pebbles they went back and he took the time to tell them what they had found.

I would recommend it.
Just thought I would share it with you all.

WestCountryLass Thu 16-Aug-07 22:02:40

That sounds lovely!

I love Portland, my Grandma used to live there, many a childhood memory of Chesil Beach

MrsWeasley Fri 17-Aug-07 17:55:30

my dad used to take us to chesil in the evening when it was dark and really spooky!

I was so pleased that my DC all enjoyed it there too.
I took them in the daytime not the evening!

would definately recommend the youth hostel. (you dont have to be a youth to use them!) We usually do self catering but having breakfast done for us was excellent!

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