UK family holiday in the Spring - recommendations please

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Mirrors123 Wed 23-Oct-19 22:23:16

Me and my family want to go away in April next year for one week. We are a group of 5 adults and 2 children. Beach locations would be ideal for the kids. But also open to other ideas. Going abroad not an option so really need to find somewhere nice in the UK that has enough for adults and children to do for a week. We will have at least 2 cars with us. Recommendations please smile

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Ricekrispie22 Thu 24-Oct-19 06:38:03

I’d recommend Landal Gwel an Mor in Cornwall.

Weatherwax Thu 24-Oct-19 06:57:30

I love the Isle of Wight. Especially if you have the cars, it can feel like 5 different holidays in a week as you could spend a day in each costal town. Alternatively up the other end of the country, Scarborough is lovely, nice beaches, lovely park, and again a short ish drive to the Yorkshire moors or a day in York.

VaguelySkeletal Thu 24-Oct-19 07:14:46

Isle of Wight. Huge amount of variety - activities, beaches, history, curiosities. Large enough that you can see or do something different every day. Small enough that you can stay virtually anywhere on the island yet still go anywhere on the island. Also feels like an abroad holiday because you have to take a ferry to get there.

Ooogetyooo Sat 26-Oct-19 20:48:57

Northumberland- beautiful beaches, castles Hadrians Wall, boat trips , Lindisfarne , countryside walks, museums , Durham Newcastle , on the rail line to Edinburgh if you want to travel further . We love it there.

Funf Mon 28-Oct-19 07:10:55

It wasn't cheap but look at cost per person, we went in Feb/march, town was still busy house comes with two allocated parking bays in local car park,
Plenty to see and do nearby

wasthataburp Mon 28-Oct-19 07:12:37


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