Camberwell for day - please advise !

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Spainintherain Tue 22-Oct-19 07:38:30

I have to travel to camberwell in south London for a wedding at the Greek church. I believe the church has no parking and We are coming with a baby and toddler. We need to know
1. If there are plenty of roads near to the church with parking

2. If there are eateries nearby that are open all day on a Sunday as we need to get there at 11.30 am to feed the children early before the service. We have a double buggy so need somewhere we can get through the door! Happy to go to McDonald's even and read there is one near Denmark Hill road but from street maps it looks like a no stopping at all road for cars!

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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NanooCov Tue 22-Oct-19 07:57:54

It's really tricky parking round there as it is so close to Kings College Hospital (in Denmark Hill). Even the free to park roads like Ferndene round Ruskin Park have restrictions from 12-2pm to prevent people parking all day. Your best bet is train to Denmark Hill station or try Just Park or Parkopedia.
I'm pretty sure there's a Nando's on Denmark Hill too and various independent eating places but no specific recommendations I'm afraid.

Ricekrispie22 Tue 22-Oct-19 09:32:39

The Crooked Well is close and there’s parking along Grove Lane. The pub does a kids menu and an activity pack.
Failing that, I’d go to Sainsbury’s on Dog Kennel Hill.

PenguindreamsofDraco Tue 22-Oct-19 13:47:19

Parking is usually ok on a Sun as no parking restrictions then (they apply Mon-Fri). You'll probably have to walk a little way not least because there is a big church v close to the cathedral which is always busy on Sundays, and cars park all the way down Medlar St.

You could park in the Morrison's car park for as long as it takes to go to Macdonald's, if that's what you want. They are both in Butterfly Walk. There are much nicer places in the area though! And since you can obviously take the children out of the buggy, I wouldn't have thought you need to restrict yourself based only on width of door.

DianaT1969 Tue 22-Oct-19 16:06:24

There's a Wetherspoon pub with large car park and children's outdoor play area. It's up the hill past King's College Hospital.
Popular with families on a Sunday

Imustbemad00 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:15:05

The roads around myatts fields are all free, no restrictions, but as pp said most restrictions are only Monday-Friday anyway so you’ll definitely find somewhere. Just not main roads.
Also second fox on the hill for eating.

Spainintherain Thu 24-Oct-19 10:35:46

Thanks I will look all this up. The reason we are trying to find s McDonald's is due to the double width buggy and the fact that restaurants open at 12pm on a Sunday. We are aiming to get there 11.30 to feed the baby and toddler solids then baby bottle and somehow get to this church for 1pm service!

So if there is a Morrison's near to McDonald's they may have better baby changing.

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Spainintherain Thu 24-Oct-19 10:46:09

The pubs sound good option

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PenguindreamsofDraco Thu 24-Oct-19 14:21:39

But why on earth are you so focussed on fitting a buggy through the doors? Find somewhere you like and take the kids out of the buggy!

I have honestly never heard anyone make restaurant choices before based on the width of the door.

If you're that stressed just give the toddler a sachet of Ella's to suck on in the car.

EssentialHummus Thu 24-Oct-19 14:26:20

What they all said^, esp re Fox and the Crooked Well. But for your own sanity take some sandwiches for the kids in the car.

DianaT1969 Thu 24-Oct-19 16:45:38

That's an idea, weather permitting, there's a small park with playground called Ruskin. Some sandwiches for all and a hot flask for adults, nappy changing in the back seat of the car. Keeping it simple.

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