Weekend in London

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PeterPeterson Tue 15-Oct-19 08:46:58

We're off to London on Saturday, we already have trains and hotel booked and we're going to see a show on the evening. There will be DP, DD(6) and me, my DD has never been to London but DP and I have been loads.
Does anyone have any recommendations of what we can do activity wise during the Saturday and Sunday daytimes that's suitable for a family? Also any recommendations of where we can eat? We're trying to keep costs down but aren't necessarily on a budget as such.
TIA smile

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PaulaSmith1 Tue 15-Oct-19 10:48:58


Eating - pick up some sandwiches etc as a meal deal and have a picnic.

If you are eating in a restaurant/café ask for tap water rather than spending money on coffee/coke/beer/wine.

Find a back street café and have an English breakfast.

Ricekrispie22 Tue 15-Oct-19 18:44:15

I'd recommend getting Big Bus Tour classic ticket. On the bus, do a complete lap of the Red Route without getting off. It takes just over 2 hours and includes Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Big Ben, Mayfair, London Bridge, Hyde Park, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.
The ticket also includes a one-way river cruise along the Thames from Westminster Pier to the Tower of London, or vice versa. I'd start and finish the bus tour at Westminster Pier so afterwards you can catch the boat straight up to the Tower of London.
After you're done, head over Tower Bridge and walk along the river to Southbank in time for dinner. You could then go on the London Eye in the evening if you have time . At weekends it's open until 8:30.
If you fancy a trip on a bus without paying for an open top bus tour, the RV1 bus from Tower Gateway to Covent Garden goes past many of the big sites taking about 30 minutes.
The Transport Museum is excellent. There’s a stamp trail around the museum, the new Future Engineers interactive gallery and an excellent play area for children up to the age of 7. londonist.com/2015/03/all-aboard-london-transport-museum-opens-new-family-play-zone it’s free for kids but there is an admission charge for adults.
If your daughter is learning about the Great Fire of London at school, then she might be particularly interested in the Museum of London and the momument www.themonument.info/visitor-information.html

SnackBadger Tue 15-Oct-19 18:51:58

Your daughter is the perfect age for the fun touristy stuff like Buckingham Palace, Changing of the guard, Natural History Museum etc. I would recommend getting the boat from the London Eye or Embankment to Greenwich. Borough Market is lovely and you can get wonderful varieties of food from the stalls.

katieviney Wed 16-Oct-19 10:44:45

I would definitely recommend the natural history museum and the science museum. pick the bits she would like as i never have enough time to do all of it in one day.
The bubble show in the science museum is really fun my daughter who is 6 loves it. so do i lol.
Harrods and the M&M shop are also fun and so is Hamleys toy shop.
Be prepared to write down her xmas list while there.
Have Fun.

inwood Wed 16-Oct-19 10:48:08

The Museum of London is excellent, my kids love it there. If not raining you could follow it up with a trip to Coram's Fields.

PeterPeterson Fri 18-Oct-19 05:41:19

Thank you so much for your suggestions! They're really helpful! It's quite funny really I've been to London myself hundreds of times but I go for a specific purpose now not just to be a tourist.
I think we've decided that the big bus tour is probably the best plan for the Saturday, followed by the London Eye if we have time before going back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. Then on the Sunday we're going to go to to the Natural History Musuem and get there for when it opens.
Thanks for all your advice!

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PeterPeterson Fri 18-Oct-19 05:44:20

Urgh I can tell it's early! Museum*

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Mamma1974 Fri 25-Oct-19 23:44:01

I have just seen Keetoo on the front page - it looks like its been MumsNet Rated and looks really good. Why not try this?

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