Short half term break with ds.

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Muchtoomuchtodo Sun 13-Oct-19 20:23:17

We live in south east wales.
Looking to take ds2 (11) away for a couple of days while ds1 is away with school. Ideally a couple of hours away.
Ds2 is active, enjoys science and maths, eating out (ds1 is the fussy one!)
Any ideas?

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Muchtoomuchtodo Mon 14-Oct-19 14:03:02


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ErrolTheDragon Mon 14-Oct-19 14:13:54

Bristol maybe? IIRC it's got a decent science museum (though a long time since we went there so check), The Great Britain and the Clifton Suspension bridge and the Severn bridges are interesting if they're at all into engineering and I'm sure there must be loads of decent places to eat.

Or maybe Ironbridge

Maybe north wales - Electric Mountain plus walking? (Not sure how long it takes to get there from southeast wales though).

LoveGrowsWhere Sat 19-Oct-19 10:02:14

Birmingham has Thinktank science museum, Cadbury world, sealife centre and could go for a good curry.

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