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Lugger Hotel, Portloe, Cornwall - has anyone stayed there recently?

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MuffinMclay Sun 12-Aug-07 20:18:20

We were just about to book this for a romantic weekend (without ds), as it looks fabulous. Before doing so I googled, and found really mixed reviews (particularly on TripAdvisor), so thought I'd seek the MN view.

It is quite expensive, and this will be our first (and possibly last ) weekend away without ds, so I want it to be perfect (or as near as dammit).

Issues concerning me, after reading reviews, are the noise (I'm a really light sleeper) from neighbouring rooms, staff rudeness, por breakfasts, and rooms being in annexes rather than the hotel.

MuffinMclay Sun 12-Aug-07 20:18:57

poor breakfasts

yogimum Sun 12-Aug-07 20:46:40

We was going to go there on my honeymoon but we chose to go here as closer to home incase DS needed us. Went here instead Fabulous

bluesky Mon 13-Aug-07 21:30:43

just go along the coast and go for either Hotel Tresanton or Driftwood Hotel, both FANTASTIC, in terms of location, service, rooms and food.

yogimum Tue 14-Aug-07 10:29:06

An old boss of mine stayed at the tresanton and weren't that impressed with it, but they were particularly fussy. I have heared good reports about the driftwood.

WideWebWitch Tue 14-Aug-07 20:22:26

Crap service when we went there for lunch last October. But I think they hate children and didn't really want us there. Which is a shame as a) mine are v well behaved and were so over lunch and b) We spent £100 but left asap as it was v unfriendly. Food fine though.

Is this where you've decided?

MuffinMclay Tue 14-Aug-07 20:42:08

Still haven't decided. Dh is hard to pin down.

The shortlist is now:
1. Driftwood
2. Victoria at Holkham
3. ..bit out of left field this one, Hayfield Manor, Cork (dh's idea).

We have reached an impasse, but want to book tomorrow.

WideWebWitch Tue 14-Aug-07 21:30:27

Ooh, that's a tough on MMcC! I haven't heard of that last one, will have to look.

MuffinMclay Tue 14-Aug-07 21:40:48

I think I've found a more suitable hotel if he insists on Cork - The Clarion. It is more central, less chintzy, less stuffy.

WideWebWitch Tue 14-Aug-07 21:55:08

Hey, hey, if Ireland's an option, what about The Clarence in Dublin? I haven't stayed for a long time so check Tripadvisor but it used to have a great reputation.

MuffinMclay Wed 15-Aug-07 08:51:07

Dh goes to Dublin a lot for work, so he's not keen - bit of a busman's holiday. He has stayed at the Clarence though, and likes it.

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