Spa suggestions, Bath/Cotswolds

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BirdsInTheAttic Fri 20-Sep-19 17:26:40

Thinking about organising a night away with a friend next Spring to celebrate a big birthday, and wondering if anyone could recommend a lovely spa hotel?
I have been to the Thermae Spa in Bath before (which is lovely) so would consider going back, especially if I can find a really nice hotel nearby. Or would be keen to have recommendations from outside Bath/anywhere within about an hour’s drive.
Open to town/countryside/anything, but we want luxury and nice food grin

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 20-Sep-19 18:09:41

No. 15 Great Pulteney, The Gainsborough Bath Spa, The Royal Crescent or The Bath Priory.

Not in the Cotswolds, but Charlton House in Shepton Mallet is also amazing.

Smallinthesmoke Fri 20-Sep-19 18:12:16

Calcot spa very nice, go in term time though as there are family hours in the pool shock

GinAndBubbles Fri 20-Sep-19 18:13:22

Check out Bowood!

Hashtag1 Wed 09-Oct-19 18:02:33

also Lucknam park is gorgeous!

NotGreenNotKeen Wed 09-Oct-19 18:05:05

Try visit bath website for offers on hotels and spa tickets x

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