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Anyone been to or is familiar with Whitby please advise!

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KaySamuels Tue 07-Aug-07 09:10:46

I am off on a playgroup trip next week to heartbeat country and then on to Whitby on coach. I will have ds (2yrs) and mindee (8months), in a side by side double buggy.

What is Whitby like to get round, have only been as a child so can't really remember it very well. Are the pavements narrow? Is it hilly anywhere? Will I be able to get buggy onto beach via a slope or will I have to leave it locked up at top and walk down steps?

I like to know what I'm able to do, will have a friend who has offered help, but am more worried about being able to get round than anything else! Toyed with the idea of single buggy but ds does still get tired and will probably have afternoon nap. Or maybe take baby rucksack for when ds needs buggy?

Does anyone else have similiar ages? What do you do on days out? [panicking emotion!]

lubyluby Tue 07-Aug-07 09:15:09

we went to whitby a couple of weeks ago and was fine with the buggy (only a single but a big one) the pavements are quite narrow so we did end up walking in the road, but there isn't many cars where the touristy bits and the shops and beach are, so you should be ok with a double.

also to get onto the beach there is a slop so you will be able to get down to it that way.

we had a fab time, we booked to go tot eh magpie cafe for fish and chips, was lovely walking past the huge queue for the nicest fish and chips ever! but they do have a take away bit too so recommend that.

the only bit that you won't be able to get to is the abbey as thats is up- something like 365 steps. luckily i stayed with the buggy and looked in the shops while dh and the boys and the sil and bil wwent up to the abbey.

i am sure you will have a great time. you goign on the steam train at goathlands too?

jaynehater Tue 07-Aug-07 09:15:33

I have family Whitby. Your main issue is going to be fighting through all the people if you're in town proper. My sister has a double buggy, but its a single file type - there are some narrow pavements but a lot is pedestrianised. If you want to go up to the ruins and get the views I'd leave the kids behind - no way would I attack that path with a buggy! Or a toddler!

But the beach is easy, there's a slope down to it, although the sand is a bit soft to push through so bring help so you can along the beach a bit for some peace.

Its very vibrant and lovely, enjoy your holiday, just don't come back a goth!

(Unless you are already.....)

jaynehater Tue 07-Aug-07 09:18:24

<bit of a cross post there, soz!>

If you go to the magpie takeout, get the kids fish bits box - it's actually enough for a adult,especially for lunch, there's masses, and it's only £2.50 instead of the usual mad full portion price.

And there are some lovely shops over the bridge.

I may have to visit my mum again.....

KaySamuels Tue 07-Aug-07 09:21:40

Oh yes I vaguely remeber all thsoe steps, don't think I'll tackle those on a childminding day!

Am not sure where coach will park up, but would assume it would be in the touristy side of town. Good to know there is a slope down to the beach, may just set up camp there for the afternoon!

Not a goth but dp leans towards that side of life and is very jealous he has to work that day! I am looking forward to droling ove all the jet jewellery without dp over my shoulder saying 'how much?'!

KaySamuels Tue 07-Aug-07 09:22:08

ooh good tip thanks!

moodymoo Tue 07-Aug-07 09:27:10

There is a slope that you go down to get on the beach (near to where the piers are). I think it is quite steep but you can definatly get pushchairs down it. At the top of the ramp there are a few childrens rides so be prepared for ds to spot them. There are normally donkeys on that bit of beach as well.
I don't think the paths are too bad - but it can get very busy. We usually end up walking on the road (but we don't have a pushcair as dss is 12). The old part of Whitby is cobbled so you may want to avoid that bit (over the bridge). The front is not hilly - there are hilly bits but you shouldn't need to go near them if stopping on the front. (assuming that your coach will be dropping you off at the bottom).Your biggest problem will probaby be getting in and out of shops (if you are planning on doing that) as most of them are quite small.
Would take a few extra layers as the beach is quite shaded so can get quite cool.
Am sure you will have a great day.

roisin Tue 07-Aug-07 09:53:53

The pavements are really narrow, and very crowded in August: I have to admit the idea of taking a double buggy to Whitby makes me <<[shudder]>>. If you think you can manage it, I would take a single buggy and a wrist rein or something.

I used to love Whitby, but I find it far too busy and crowded now. We go in the winter when it's raining instead

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 07-Aug-07 10:05:33

We were there last week and it was so so busy, and very hard work with two adults a five year old and a single buggy.

We didn't even make it to the lovely wee shops in the shambles over the harbour bridge, too stressful, so we ended up crab fishing off the side of the quay for over an hour...great entertainment for kids and adults alike and well worth the £4 it cost for the handline and bucket and some ham scraps from the co-op.

KaySamuels Tue 07-Aug-07 16:45:16

Yes I am leaning more towards reins an maybe buggy board if I can borrow one. Double buggy may be awkward. Thnks for all your top tips, am looking forward to it I think!

filthymindedvixen Tue 07-Aug-07 16:48:50

double buggy will be a nightmare IME as pavements are *heaving8 this time of year. Can you borrow a umbrella buggy with buggy board?
sorry if I have x-posted with lots of people...

Clary Thu 09-Aug-07 02:02:47

Oooh missed this.

I used to live there. It's very hilly and the pavements are narrow. Also at this time of the year it's very busy so I would agree, tricky with a side by side. Yes I would take rucksack and single buggy.

It's lovely, just head down to the beach and let em eat sand. The East side with all the jet shops and 199 steps will be very crowded so I would give that a miss tbh unless you have a passion for jet earrings <whoops, see that you do!>. Can't imagine it would appeal to LOs anyway, they are a bit small to appreciate Whitby Abbey (tho mine, 8/6/4 loved it on a recent visit).

The Magpie is good but I also recommend Trenchers on the harbourside, very very quick service and lovely fish and chips.

KaySamuels Thu 09-Aug-07 12:51:49

I managed to get hold of a tandem double buggy which should be much more manouverable! I was loooking for a cheap buggy board when I spotted it for £10 and snapped it up, it has cleaned up lovely and should make the day a lot easier. I may well skip the shops I love a good day on the beach, and now I have an easier double to push around i should have a good day!

Thanks again all of you for your help and tips!

ravenAK Thu 09-Aug-07 13:00:16

Oi, what's wrong with us goths?

Have a great day. We usually go as a family to the goth weekends in April & Oct, when the town's rammed, & do find the shops etc a PITA with 2 kids (3 & 16 months).

I'd definitely go for the beach - jet earrings lovely but v pricey in touristy bits of Whitby - get 'em online!

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