Disabled Accessible seaside near North London

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Spainintherain Tue 20-Aug-19 21:21:37

I want to go to the seaside in bank holiday Monday with my toddler and parents, one of whom is disabled. Can anyone recommend a good seaside resort for accessibility? So not steps going down to the beach, having lots of parking nearby etc?

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Ricekrispie22 Wed 21-Aug-19 05:31:24

Southend is good.
You can park along the promenade. There are loads of spaces nearby including Blue Badge spaces. It gets fairly busy so you might have to drive round for a while!
You can either access the pier via the 'top' part or via a lift from the seafront (this'll make sense when you're there!). The pier has level access right along it - but there was a sign up to make wheelchair users aware that because of the 'planked' surface there are sometimes gaps and if you have narrow wheels then you have to pay a bit more attention! There are quaint 'shelters' at points along the pier as well if you want to take a seat.
Although the pier is one of the main attractions you could just go along the Southend promenade and have a great trip! We walked along the promenade and this was flat all the way. We didn't get a chance to actually visit any of the arcades but they looked like they had accessible entrances.

Spainintherain Wed 21-Aug-19 08:21:55

Thank you for all that information. I will look it up

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