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Hot tips for Bude in August with small children please

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Bouquetsofdynomite Sun 05-Aug-07 13:42:14

Has anyone got any must sees or best kept secrets in the Bude area? We're camping at Wooda Park, Poughill, with a 4yr old and a 2yr old.

Bouquetsofdynomite Sun 05-Aug-07 13:42:56

Sorry, that looks like I'm sitting in a tent with a laptop! We will be camping in a few weeks.

cece Sun 05-Aug-07 13:45:30

If the weather is nice - the beach is good. Set yourself up near to the pool, it fills up at high tide, on Summerleaze beach.

CaptainDippy Sun 05-Aug-07 14:02:13

I've just come back from a week near Bude with 2 DC - aged 3.5 yrs, 2.3 yrs and 15 weeks - Had a FAB time - Can recommend Widemouth Bay as a lovely beach - just outside Bude (about 10 mins drive, if that) Has a lovely warm pool where little ones can paddle in safety - not too conjested and does yummy ice creams! Thoroughly enjoyed Hidden Valley Railway and went to Trethorn Leisure Farm, which was ok - esp if you get a "not v.nice day" - TBH, we spent most of the time chilling on the beach - Enjoy!!

wheresthehamster Sun 05-Aug-07 14:18:53

We stayed at Wooda last year and will definitely go back. Got everything you could want (apart from a pool) - friendly staff, good bar food, interesting grounds (make sure you do the pixie walk), decent loos.
Northcott Mouth is our favourite beach and maybe the nearest. When the tide is out there are lots of rockpools and a sandy flat beach. No facilities though.
Have a great time!

Whizzz Sun 05-Aug-07 14:42:44

Sandymouth beach is lovely (get there at the right tiemt tho as the tide is going out). NT carpark, bit of a walk down to the beach (down a path) but well worth it. CAfe / shop at the top near the car park

ivykaty44 Sun 05-Aug-07 14:51:27

The milky way is a good day out if it is raining as most stuff is indoor, lots stuff to do for children. Take a picnic lunch with you. It is on the main road between Bideford and Bude, so although a few miles from Bude worth the drive on a rainy day.

Marina Sun 05-Aug-07 15:29:06

We were further north so came south for Milky Way on a wet day, and it was terrific, much better than we had expected. Lovely day out for young families

MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 05-Aug-07 15:48:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joash Sun 05-Aug-07 16:11:56

There is a bowling place with a soft play area near to the supermarket (Morrisons) - or at least there was. And if you fancy a walk by the canal, just follow the old canal path and you eventually come to a farm house where they serve light lunches & cream teas (& for all of you dissenters, it can be done with the little ones, we did it with 2 @ 9 months old, a 2 Year old and two 3 year olds).

Bouquetsofdynomite Sun 05-Aug-07 18:32:17

MaloryT have you turned into Cod?
Thanks all, just hoping the potty training clicks in before we go - don't want DS weeing in the rockpools.

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