Roborough, Plymouth

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1strangerthings Sun 11-Aug-19 22:57:41

Is this a reasonably alright area?

I moved to Plymouth when we got married and my wife told me Keyham 'was a really nice area'.

Well, it's not as bad as Swilly or North Prospect but I wouldn't define it as nice by any stretch of the imagination.

We're looking to move - any thoughts on Roborough?

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Pinkstars2501 Mon 12-Aug-19 14:45:27

Hey, I used to love just down from there.

I think Roborough is quite nice myself. I mean it's no Mannamead/Hartley with all the big posh houses, but it's nicer than Keyham.

Pinkstars2501 Mon 12-Aug-19 14:45:45

Live not love

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