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Anyone been to Landscove Bay in Brixham, Devon?

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huffpuff Fri 03-Aug-07 10:43:28

If so, would you recommend it?

mymatemax Fri 10-Aug-07 23:35:22

Yes came back on 4th August
Accommodation variable, we stayed in one of the Armada white bungalow/chalets & it was good -privately owned, sub let, so nice.
The wooden chalets, some looked very run down a bit like garden sheds.
The dc's had a great time & they loved the kids entertainment, particularly Adam! DS1 cried & didn't want to come home...
The entertainment is all family stuff aimed mainly at the kids, pools small but OK, Staff friendly & helpful.
Restaurant rubbish but we ate there out of convenience on a couple of nights & it didn't kill us.
It is in a beautiful location with some nice beaches a short drive away.
Would I go back, probabily not
Would the kids go back, yes tomorrow!

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