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YHA - do we need to take sleeping bags?

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kookaburra Fri 03-Aug-07 09:37:30

Going for a night next week with the DC to a YHA in Dorset (family room) Some years since I YHA'd and can't find anything on the website re whether to bring bedding. Does anyone know what the regime is?
Many thanks

Lilymaid Fri 03-Aug-07 11:45:27

Kookaburra - answers are on this recent thread about YHAs

kookaburra Fri 03-Aug-07 15:06:07

Lily maid -thanks! searched but not well enough - will try harder next time

Skribble Fri 03-Aug-07 18:04:40

Normaly bedding was always provided except in the very basic ones, you had to bring sheets and a pillowcase or a sheet sleeping bag, don't think you even need them now.

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