Wet South Wales

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JustLooking2019 Thu 08-Aug-19 17:28:12

We are visiting South Wales for the weekend, weather looks to be a wash out so looking for ideas of things to do with two teens who will be missing their PlayStation!
We had hoped to visit the Gower area and Brecon Beacons but think maybe that’s not a good idea now. Staying just outside of Swansea. Thanks in advance

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Ricekrispie22 Thu 08-Aug-19 18:26:20

Immotion VR Cardiff
Superbowl UK Swansea
Skidz Karting
National Showcaves Centre for Wales

Jellyshoeswithdiamonds Thu 08-Aug-19 20:25:31

Big Pit

Limitless on Fabian Way (its a trampoline place)

McArther Glen shopping outlet in Bridgend

Sit in Verdi's and watch the weather over the bay while eating an ice cream.

Take very good waterproofs and embrace Welsh weather grin

CottonSock Thu 08-Aug-19 20:28:44

I live in s Wales. Often driving 40 mins gets very different weather. It looks much better near me in Cardiff on Sunday for example. Also Gower can get better weather. The Brecon beacons won't!

HelloJackieYouLookNice Thu 08-Aug-19 20:31:50

The National Waterfront Museum (free) and there is a real mummy in Swansea Museum (also free). In Cardiff there is the National Museum and good shopping. Big Pit in the Valleys.

The LC for swimming, or there are climbing walls in the Climbing Hanger in Swansea or Dynamic Rock in

Or just brave the weather - Saturday is looking windy but not too wet and Sunday looks ok. Tomorrow is the main day to stay indoors I would say.

HelloJackieYouLookNice Thu 08-Aug-19 20:32:53

Dynamic Rock in Clydach - I typed it so no idea where it went confused

TroysMammy Thu 08-Aug-19 20:38:52

Plantasia. It's been upgraded and although I haven't been there I've seen their Facebook page and it looks great.

Egyptian Centre in the University on Mumbles Road, free.

Undercover strawberry picking near Rhossili.

Perriswood between Parkmill and Oxwich. Indoor archery, shooting range and birds of prey.

sproutsandparsnips Thu 08-Aug-19 20:40:30

If you decide to go to the lc2 ring ahead and book a slot so you don't have to queue as it will be busy on a wet weekend.
Yes to the waterfront museum and limitless and GoAir
Glyn Vivian art gallery
You could go to Brecon and go to the South Wales Borderers museum, Brecon War Memorial Museum, and Brecon Cathedral which is Swansea's Cathedral.

JustLooking2019 Fri 09-Aug-19 00:13:59

Thanks everyone, lots to look at. Tomorrow is travelling day, leaving early to try and arrive before the torrential rain!!

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doleritedinosaur Fri 09-Aug-19 00:20:16

Cardiff Museum is great & has a snake exhibition on.

Cardiff Bay has Techniquest - absolutely fun & lovely to walk around even in rain.

Dan Yr Ogaf caves & there’s a monkey sanctuary near it too.

Big Pit & Blaenavon mountain railway.

If it’s not too bad a downpour St Fagans is a mixture of outside & in, its free with £5 parking.

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