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Centreparcs supermarket

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mummynumnum Thu 02-Aug-07 17:51:42

just wondering what prices were like at centreparcs supermarket. Are they comparable to say waitrose or M & S or is it ridiculously more expensive than that.

IlanaK Thu 02-Aug-07 17:53:54

I found them comparable to waitrose in London. But people who don't live in London find them expensive. They have a very very good selection.

mummynumnum Thu 02-Aug-07 18:00:59

Oh that doesnt sound so bad. Was going to take food but running out of prep time, but did not want to be left broke once wee had done the shop at centreparcs.

IlanaK Thu 02-Aug-07 18:38:11

What we do is take the few th ings we can't live without - like a really good sausage from the farmers market. Or a cereal that is hard to find. Other than that, we buy food there.

lailasmum Thu 02-Aug-07 18:44:01

Wasn't that expensive really when we went. Not majorly more than normal supermarkets and you could always go off site to shop so I suppose its not in their intrests to keep it high.

mummynumnum Thu 02-Aug-07 19:14:20

Great, we will get it there then I think.

rookiemum Thu 02-Aug-07 21:36:01

I don't know why people complain about them so much. Yes they are a bit dearer than normal but their fresh goods are generally very good and its worth not having to cart the food, if you spend over £40.00 I think it is they deliver for you.

Plus its worth a wander just to see how frightfully middle class their offerings are, they have Fair trade, Babylicious and organic everything.

Couple of caveats, if you have a baby do bring wet wipes and nappies, now they are over the odds, and if you are planning to have a bbQ buy your disposable one before you come as they are £7.99 in the shop.


blueshoes Thu 02-Aug-07 22:29:31

The one we went to (Elveden) did not have much by way of fresh veg - could not find courgettes. And the meat selection (for a bbq) was poor. Thank goodness we brought food up with us. They had rows and rows of pop and crisps.

I would equate the selection to an Iceland.

blueshoes Thu 02-Aug-07 22:30:26

Good point, rookiemum. Spent a fortune on disposable BBQs.

mummynumnum Fri 03-Aug-07 08:23:45

These are all great tips. Thanks!!!

BirdyArms Fri 03-Aug-07 21:26:20

We've just come back from Longleat and had expected the supermarket to be v expensive but didn't seem too bad. I had bought a disposable BBQ in waitrose to take with us for £5.99, they were £6.99 in the supermarket which is a bit of a rip-off but I'd really expected it to be worse as they've got such a captive audience.

mummynumnum Fri 03-Aug-07 21:47:49

We bought some disposable bbq in a supermarket today for 84p. Bargain! We will prob buy rest there though. Did you have a nice time birdyarms? Any tips/reommendations?

Nemo2007 Fri 03-Aug-07 21:50:26

They were generally not too bad, we were at whinfell last week and prices are probably similair to Ocado. Apart from the bbqs as someone else said

lailasmum Sat 04-Aug-07 14:17:05

We went to the nottingham one can't remember what its called. The supermarket there was good, fresh bread and a big selection of fruit and veg.

BirdyArms Sat 04-Aug-07 21:11:00

Are you going to Longleat Mummynumnum? Tip for going there is to look at the cycle map properly - it's got a very steep valley and we foolishly kept going up and down hairpin bendy tracks when we could have used a much quicker route round the back.

mummynumnum Sat 04-Aug-07 21:18:05

Good tip! Thanks! DH is really looking fwd to the challenge of the steep hills (he is a triathlete). Me-I just like an easy life.

BirdyArms Sat 04-Aug-07 21:27:46

My DH did the London triathlon today . He very much enjoyed running up and down the hills at Longleat . I had my own 2yo mr motivator on the back of my bike shouting 'faster mummy, not tired' every time I looked like I might get off and push!

mummynumnum Sun 05-Aug-07 06:18:32

My dh doing the triathlon today. V excited for him. Just about to leave to go and watch. DD never been to London, so excited about that to. Then off on hols tomorrow. Excited about that to. Cor, I am very excited today. .

nannynick Sun 05-Aug-07 17:50:49

I'm going to Longleat on Friday (for a week), any tips from those who have been to Longleat in the past few months?
Have been previously, so know about the hills and can confirm what mummynumnum says about the cycle paths... if on far side of the site, the track around the top I found much better to ride, then going down through the middle.

Are the changing rooms still those cubicles with the door on either side... or have they been changed?

MrsBadger Sun 05-Aug-07 17:54:47

Still individual cabins with doors on either side, but also big male / female communal rooms, 'family' rooms, and one of those infra-red dryers you can stand four people in.
When I was there in (er) June they were renovating the changing area so it was a bit cramped but guess they finished in time for the school holidays.

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