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BlondeAlways Tue 06-Aug-19 12:10:03

Wanted to visit this beautiful little gem again for years between Christmas and NY. I'm not enormously fussy, just looking for a nice walk along the beach, a good few shops where I can buy usual high street things for myself and my house (with maybe a few little oldy worldly places or a market if I'm really lucky but not essential) and a few quiet places to have lunch or a glass of wine. I'll be by myself after a bit of a stressful year. Nobody is allowed to come! Was thinking of Llandudno??


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BlondeAlways Tue 06-Aug-19 15:44:42


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mamaduckbone Tue 06-Aug-19 21:12:50

St Davids is beautiful and ticks all your boxes.

LongtimeLurker29 Tue 06-Aug-19 21:24:41

Anywhere in the Gower area providing you have a car and are willing to travel into Swansea for the shops.
Rhossili Bay - Worms Head hotel is close, amazing beach views and cliff walks. Works Head is the name of the piece of land/cliffs that lead out into the sea.
Oxwich Bay - Oxwich bay hotel, beautiful long beach, also a castle to walk to
Llangenith - this beach is at the other end of Rhosilli so you could stay in one place and walk to the other.
Caswell Bay
3 Cliffs Bay
Broughton Bay
Mumbles is also a favourite of many.

There are loads more beaches in the Gower area but the above ones are my favourites 😀

StillIRise87 Tue 06-Aug-19 21:27:11

Anywhere in Snowdonia or Aberaeron would be lovely

Serin Tue 06-Aug-19 21:31:19

Just keep on driving past Llandudno, past Bangor, over the Menai bridge and turn right.
Keep going until you reach Beaumaris. smile
If you need somewhere to stay, I can highly recommend the Olde Bull's head Inn. Its beautiful anytime but especially at Christmas.
Beaumaris is small but its an easy drive to Bangor which has all the usual igh street shops.

LongtimeLurker29 Tue 06-Aug-19 21:31:56

New Quay

I could go on and on 😂

Lolimax Tue 06-Aug-19 21:34:46

Yes to Aberaeron with a trip to Newquay to see the dolphins. But Tenby and Newport Pembs are lovely too.

EskewedBeef Tue 06-Aug-19 21:39:47

Beaumaris is a good call if you don't mind extending your journey a bit. Llandudno might be a bit too full of windswept 'Tinsel and Turkey' coach trippers at that time, but you could stop there en route if the weather's decent.

Namechangenecessity Tue 06-Aug-19 21:39:49

We have recently sited a caravan in Morfa Nefyn . I’ve never been before this year, but it’s glorious. Not sure what it would be like in Winter though.

HippyChickMama Tue 06-Aug-19 21:40:38

Beddgelert is the loveliest place in the whole world imo. You can drive or get the bus from there to Porthmadog if you're desperate to go into town (although it's not the nicest town centre it has a few nice shops) and Black Rock Sands isn't too far for the beach.

IggyAce Tue 06-Aug-19 21:50:18

@HippyChickMama glad to hear that about Beddgelert, we have booked a cottage there for our holiday next week.

nespressowoo Tue 06-Aug-19 21:51:03

Llyn Peninsula

BlondeAlways Tue 06-Aug-19 22:00:10

Ah thanks guys! X

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thetigerthatcamefortea Tue 06-Aug-19 22:18:06

As others have said above morfa nefyn... on the Llyn peninsular is magical. Even at that time of year.
I have recently bought a cottage (tiny!) there and love going alone even in the winter.
I’m sure I’m not allowed to link to it but it’s on air BnB and currently available!

Cecilandsnail Tue 06-Aug-19 22:18:52

Gower all the way. So many beaches. Mumbles is a nice town that fits what you want. Rhossili will blow your mind. Tor bay. Llangennith. Rhotherslade. Blue pool. Oxwich. Can't recommend highly enough. Other options are more west, st.davids is a gem. If you go there you MUST get an oggy (a big pasty) from the oggy shop. Lovely shops.

HippyChickMama Wed 07-Aug-19 00:18:49

@IggyAce it's lovely. I can highly recommend The Prince Llewelyn, Glaslyn ice cream and pizzeria and The Saracen's Head for food and drink and Caffi Colwyn and Hebog Bistro for breakfasts. Also, Beddgelert Woodcraft is a must visit.

HippyChickMama Wed 07-Aug-19 00:21:40

Ooh and further afield, Y Awstralia in Porthmadog and Y Sgwar in Tremadog too. Y Awstralia is the local brewery's pub and the food is nice enough (burgers and usual pub fayre) Y Sgwar is a slightly more expensive option but the food is amazing.

Namechangenecessity Wed 07-Aug-19 21:43:25

Tiger I’m so envious you have a cottage, that’s my dream, I keep looking at them when I’m up there 😍

Lindormilk Sun 11-Aug-19 20:16:45

You could stay in the Caernarfon/Llanberis area. Visit Betws y Coed, Beddgelert and take a walk up to Aberglaslyn (its a mapped route) then have a late lunch at Hebog Bistro.

Walk along the Foryd in Caernarfon, visit Fron Goch garden centre for breakfast/lunch. Dinas Dinlle beach. Pete’s Eat in Llanberis, lots of winter walks in the hills and quarries.

WhoKnewBeefStew Sun 11-Aug-19 20:23:41

Pembrokeshire for me? Little haven, broad haven, st brides (great pub), dale for crabbing, Solva for shops and walking, Newgale for surfing

Funf Thu 15-Aug-19 19:54:10

People live in Llandudno all year around, just check opening times, the cafes etc open to capture a lot of day trippers even on the bank holidays.
I would head for North Wales.
Some useful trips in the area here
If the weathers bad the waterfalls are spectacular

If you go to Llandudno
Conwy will be open its 10 mins away walk the walls of the medieval walled town, plenty of pubs and cafes and its free.
Rhos on sea is 10 mins in the other direction, nice sea front couple of cafes / pubs
Angel bay is just by the little orm, nice flat or steep walk if you are lucky you should see seals in the sea.
Need more just ask

QueenOfThePumpkins Sat 17-Aug-19 08:25:33

Can't believe nobody has said Criccieth! Possibly the loveliest place I've ever visited smile Just google image it - it's stunning.

Funf Sat 17-Aug-19 09:07:16

Another vote for Criccieth, shouldn't really tell people how good it is! The whole Llyn peninsular is very nice but it will be quieter at that time of year, some one on here has a cottage in Llanbedrog, that would be quiet but magical.

EduCated Sat 17-Aug-19 09:10:52

We had a gorgeous Christmas stay at Barmouth a few years ago - we’re planning to repeat in the next couple of years!

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