Chester Zoo

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Happyinheels Thu 18-Jul-19 23:10:52

I'm just looking at days out with my 2 teenagers over the summer. Single mum, no holiday as such just days out.

Chester Zoo has been on our wish list for a few years. It's about a 4 hour drive from where I live so I'm thinking of staying over somewhere the night before. Looked at The Premier Inn but just wondered if anyone has any other recommendations please?

Thinking we could do something on the day before the zoo, stay somewhere then we can be at the zoo for opening at 10am.

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HennyPennyHorror Fri 19-Jul-19 07:12:57

If you've not been to Chester before, you'll love it. It's a lovely city. Have you tried to see if there are any Air B&Bs? the advantage of that is that you could probably get one in town...

You can waste hours walking around Chester. Firstly there's all the shops and cafes, then there's the historical aspect.....the museum and art gallery are interesting as is the Cathedral.

The zoo does have cafes but also some very nice picnic areas if you want to bring your own. There's a Tesco in Chester, you could get your lunch from there if picnics are your thing. I prefer them myself. Baguettes and cheese/ham, chocolate and crisps!

HennyPennyHorror Fri 19-Jul-19 07:13:37

Oh and the river! So have to walk down to the rive and have a stroll along. BOat rides too.

Happyinheels Fri 19-Jul-19 08:16:40

@HennyPennyHorror thank you for your suggestions. No I haven't been to Chester before, it's sounds a lovely place.
Great idea about Air BnB thanks - totally didn't cross my mind! I'll check it out.
Yes I prefer to take a picnic in with me, just due to trying to keep the cost down. That's great info thanks smile
I've promised my daughter we'd go since we watched the series on TV about the start of the zoo !

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Greyhound22 Fri 19-Jul-19 08:27:46

Chester Zoo is amazing. Picnic def better as the food isn't that good and there are nice undercover places to eat yours.

The city is lovely too. It's a great couple of days away.

HairyToity Fri 19-Jul-19 11:15:46

Day out in the city. Just pottering, and walk the walls. There might be a walking tour you can download. Also look at the new theatre, The Storyhouse, see if anything worth seeing. Take a picnic to zoo. Food is rubbish and expensive. Book tickets for zoo the night before online, its slightly cheaper and will save queing.

I always like a picnic by the river or at the Grosvenor Park, if you want to save money on day out in Chester.

There is an Escape Rooms in Chester if you are staying a few nights.

Nesssie Fri 19-Jul-19 11:26:38

Chester Zoo is big! You will be there from open to close. So much walking too. So bare than in mind of you plan on driving 4 hours home after- you will be tired!
Its amazing though and Chester is also beautiful.

BobLobLawLLB Fri 19-Jul-19 11:34:04

Although i appreciate they help many animals that would struggle otherwise, Zoo's makes me sad. It's like they're in a prison when they have committed no crime.


Toomanycats99 Fri 19-Jul-19 12:24:55

We got a not too badly priced 2 bed air bnb flat in Chester. 10 ish minutes walk from station. Meant we could make a picnic for the zoo really easily.

rslsys Fri 19-Jul-19 12:29:00

Tip for the Zoo if you're going early, stump up for the Monorail (it's not dear) and start from the 'far side' of the Zoo. Much quieter early on as most people start at the entrance and work their way inwards.

ChihuahuaMummy1 Fri 19-Jul-19 13:55:33

We stayed at the premier inn and if I remember rightly it has a superb Indian restaurant opposite

Happyinheels Fri 19-Jul-19 19:04:03

Ooo thank you everyone for those tips!

The monorail tip is fab thanks!

I'll definitely check out the Air BnB situation. Although the Indian restaurant sounds delicious!

I'm going to sit and Google tonight - Chester city, places to visit and places to stay.

And yes re the advice about driving back after a full day at the zoo - I may have to extend it to 2 nights stay 😊

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Rachelover40 Fri 19-Jul-19 21:40:57

I want to go to Chester zoo too! I watch the television programme about its 'secret life'.

I hope you have a great time and find somewhere good to say. I did look into it at one time and there were plenty of nearby places.

Let us know how it goes!

MissRabbitNeedsAHoliday Fri 19-Jul-19 21:44:20

Chester zoo is great, enjoy!
Agree with the take a picnic idea, the food is really not that good.
My fitbit showed we walked about 10 miles last time we were there, so make sure you wear comfy shoes! Weve been 3 times and still don't think I've seen it all, you can spend all day there.

Mrskeats Fri 19-Jul-19 21:50:25

I live just by Chester zoo and my daughter had a student job there. They do amazing conservation work. A new rare chimp baby born this week.
There are loads of b and bs on Hoole Road and lots of hotels around.
Cheshire oaks is near for shopping also.

Jins Fri 19-Jul-19 21:59:32

The monorail won’t be around after this summer so it’s worth going on it for a little bit of history.

Chester isn’t short of chain hotels. One that people discount is the Travelodge in Hoole Village. It’s just outside the city and really handy for the motorway network. Bustop outside for an easy trip to the centre of Chester and an easy drive to the P&R/Zoo.

Where’s the art gallery? There’s a shop that calls itself a gallery but I can’t think of an actual art gallery. The museum is ok. The new Chester Heritage Story isn’t worth bothering with unless you have young children with you.

We’ve done a treasure trail recently that was surprisingly good and quite reasonably priced. We’ve lived here for decades and still learned new things

Fatted Fri 19-Jul-19 22:09:11

My PIL live practically over the road from Chester Zoo. We used to go lots when the DC were little but haven't been for about a year or so. There's lots to do at the zoo and like others have said it might wear you out too much for a 4 hour drive home.

I never minded the food at the zoo. If you go to June's pavilion I think it's called rather than the restaurant near the entrance, it has loads more choice. The restaurant in the islands section is not great for fussy eaters though.

The city has lots to do if you've never been before (I've grown up with it so a bit meh about it all now unfortunately). Cheshire oaks is a 10 minute drive from the zoo and has cinema, bowling, trampoline place etc.

The premier Inn on Liverpool Road is probably the closest hotel to the Zoo. If you want something a bit swankier there is a Hilton Double Tree and then as other PP Hoole has lots of nice B&Bs.

userxx Fri 19-Jul-19 22:22:51

I remember going years ago as a child and watching an elephant swinging it's head for ages, just stood in the same spot doing the repetitive thing. The enclosure was tiny. I cried all the way home and haven't been back since. Maybe it's changed now, I hope so.

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