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Advice please - YOUTH HOSTELS - first-timer, well almost

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roisin Mon 30-Jul-07 11:59:04

When I last stayed in a youth hostel (30 yrs ago) we had to:
take our own sleeping bag and pillowcase
take our own towels
do chores (washing up and so on)
disappear completely between about 9 am and 5 pm as the hostel was locked up

I believe some or all of the above are no longer true?

We have booked to stay in a YHA (family room) in York in a few weeks time. What should I expect? Any hints or tips?

What time could we check in do you think?

roisin Mon 30-Jul-07 12:04:46

Also will they have a bar?
Can we take our own alcohol?

Lilymaid Mon 30-Jul-07 14:18:04

YHA supplies bed linen and bedding but not towels. You can access the building during the day if you have a family room and you don't have to do any chores. I think you should be able to check in at any time (apart from middle of the night).

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 30-Jul-07 14:19:07

Some of them have bars - does the website tell you?
I don't think there is a problem with taking alcohol.

Lilymaid Mon 30-Jul-07 14:20:26

You probably can't take alcohol to York as they won't permit byo where they have a licence - again you need to check with the hostel. On the YHA website it says:
"Guests and members will no longer be able to bring their own beer, wine or alcohol to licensed Youth Hostels from 7th July 2006. Beer and wine can still be brought to non licensed premises "

roisin Mon 30-Jul-07 17:00:37

Thank you both

Skribble Mon 30-Jul-07 22:44:08

There is still a self catering kitchen but they have a restaurant with a table license, can't find info on bedding, used to have to bring own sheets and pillow case or sheet sleeping bag.

roisin Sun 19-Aug-07 11:03:31

I phoned the YHA - they think I'm nuts as I had so many questions! Service sounds fab:
Don't have to do chores
Don't have to bring bed linen
Do have to bring towels
With family room have access to the room 24/7 - as well as the whole YHA
The YHA has games room, TV room, parking, restaurant, licensed bar, bike hire, etc. etc.
Also you can check in any time, and they have a luggage room. Have access to the room from 1 pm, and have to vacate the room by 10 am on final day.
Breakfast is included in price.
3-crse evening meal for U10s is £4.50 , about £8 for adults I think.
They also do packed lunches if you want.

We are going tomorrow, so I'll let you know how we get on!

1dilemma Tue 21-Aug-07 01:19:21

Hope it was good we're thinking about doing the same so waiting to hear what you say (what kind of ages are your dcs? we have a baby would that be OK for York YHA do you think?)
YHA are apparently all the rage now
Your list at the start would be pretty similar to mine

roisin Fri 24-Aug-07 20:38:50

It was fantastic - the children (6, 8, 8, and 10) really really enjoyed it. We are definite converts and will certainly go to YHAs again.

The atmosphere is great, and everything's clean. Lots of freedom for the children. Room was a good size. Generally fab. Breakfast was very scrummy!

1dilemma - I don't know about babies at YHAs, you'd have to check the website. I think some accept babies, but at some they have to be 3.

1dilemma Fri 24-Aug-07 21:25:40

sounds lovely
don't know where you are but have you seen the Cheshunt one? looks great too.
Did they get you all into one room?

roisin Sat 25-Aug-07 08:42:32

Yes, we booked a 6-bed room: worked well. Because I have two boys, and was staying without dh, they have to be in a family room with me, not in a single-sex dorm. I can't remember how old they have to be to stay in a 'dorm' (most of them are pretty small theses days 4-8 beds), but I know mine aren't old enough yet.

Some of the YHAs do accept U3s, some don't.

Cheshunt does look fab - especially the watersports/outward bound.

1dilemma Sat 25-Aug-07 11:12:32

Great for boys! (mine are a bit littlebut give it a few years..)

christywhisty Sat 08-Sep-07 13:09:44

Haven't seen the rooms in the Cheshunt one, but my DC are members of the mariners base next door where you can do the watersports.There is also a climbing wall and one of the first artificial underground caves in the country. My Dc's love it during the summer holidays.

The YHA is in a lovely setting in the Lea Valley with miles of walks and cycle rides, but it is just a few minutes walk from the station. Cheshunt station has fast trains into London so you can be in the West End in about half an hour or the City in 20 minutes, you can have the best of both worlds.

I hired a bike from there in the summer and it was just £3 for 2 hours.

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