We want to go away but have no idea where. Where would you go?

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Sparkledot Tue 09-Jul-19 18:47:20

We've been looking at trying to plan some time away for the 19th July just for 4 or 5 nights but nothing is really jumping out. I've tried all the cottage websites I usually use, center parcs (700 ish but only 3 nights) and also looked at a few driving European options. We can't leave until after school on the Friday but are willing to travel. We're in North Yorkshire, 2 adults and an 11 Yr old, we have a dog as well but could leave him with family if we can't find anywhere suitable for him. I feel like we've left it too late as its the start of the summer hols. Does anyone have any ideas where I could look or any ideas where might have availability at this short notice?
We're open to any type of break, could be relaxing or busy or inbetween. Normally we don't have any issue on deciding where to go or what to do with our holiday time but this time none of us have any strong opinions for some reason.
What would you do if you wanted 4/5 nights away but didn't want to fly?

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MsMamaNature Tue 09-Jul-19 18:52:59

The ferry to Northern Ireland - you'll be spoiled for choice for beaches, etc. I live on the North Coast so I'm ever so slightly biased!

Ylvamoon Tue 09-Jul-19 18:54:14

A bit far fetched, definitely different! We are looking at something similar for nx summer - just hope you are an active family! :

Obviously it's available in various options & more child friendly! grin

sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 09-Jul-19 18:57:37

this link cottage in wales is free for the nights you want it. It's close to the beach, and has some lovely walks nearby so you can bring your dog. it's also near Oakwood Theme Park, Folly Farm and Blue lagoon tourist attractions, and the nearest town (Haverfordwest) is 11 miles away x

sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 09-Jul-19 18:58:32

^^ i would also bring bikes as you can go on bike rides x

Disfordarkchocolate Tue 09-Jul-19 19:01:43

The Lakes
Scottish Borders

TroubleWithNargles Tue 09-Jul-19 19:05:49

North Norfolk coast, somewhere around Wells or Hunstanton.

If it is only for 4 or 5 days you don't want to spend half of it travelling, so Norfolk would be pretty straightforward for you, about 3 hours-ish.

Sparkledot Tue 09-Jul-19 19:24:55

Thanks for replies so far
@MsMamaNature hadn't thought of Northern Ireland so will have a look into that
@Ylvamoon that is a teeny tiny wink bit more active than I'd like to be, sure it'll be awesome if you decide to do it though ☺
@sleepismysuperpower1 I will have a look at those attractions near the cottage, seems like there would be plenty to do around there
@Disfordarkchocolate we visit most of those quite frequently, infact Northumberland most weekends, we do love it but feels a bit samey, I might have a look at the Scottish Borders I've got somewhere on hold til the morning just south of the lakes but we've been to that area loads
@trouble hadn't thought of Norfolk either so will try a search and see if anything comes up as available.

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TheLime Tue 09-Jul-19 19:27:45

North Norfolk is completely fantastic. I would definitely recommend.

Sparkledot Tue 09-Jul-19 19:35:06

Are there any particular places to stay in Norfolk/north Norfolk that you would recommend @TroubleWithNargles or @thelime?

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TheLime Tue 09-Jul-19 19:46:52

I would try to stay in or around Holt, Wells or holkham. Easy reach of everything to do but with an upmarket feel:

MadeinBelfast Tue 09-Jul-19 19:51:17

Normally I'd agree with Northern Ireland but it's The Open that weekend so the north coast will be crazy!
We've had brilliant holidays in Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire and Birmingham (if you fancy more of a city break). Also, I think some schools near Cheshire aren't finishing until a week or so later so there may be some parts of the country that are a bit quieter if the schools haven't broken up yet. Hope you find somewhere lovely!

elastamum Tue 09-Jul-19 19:51:53

The Gower peninsula is lovely. Wells next the sea is also fab.

bangwhistle Tue 09-Jul-19 19:54:24


Rachelover40 Tue 09-Jul-19 20:08:50


Wonderful place, surrounding areas are excellent too, so interesting. We had our best family holidays there.

HairyToity Tue 09-Jul-19 20:36:54

North Berwick. Lovely area to explore, and you can get a train into Edinburgh for day out.

FrenchyQ Tue 09-Jul-19 20:39:41

Isle of Man

Nextphonewontbesamsung Tue 09-Jul-19 20:41:37

It would have been so helpful if your thread title could have been "Where would you go for a short break from North Yorkshire for 4 or 5 nights without flying?"

I can't believe you are even contemplating something in Europe?

Phineyj Tue 09-Jul-19 20:44:17

I would highly recommend Searles in Hunstanton. They always have availability and there's loads for kids (and dogs) to do. We've been there about 5 times now!

TroubleWithNargles Tue 09-Jul-19 20:52:05

And at Hunstanton you can go out on 'The Wash Monster' to the sandbanks to see the seals smile

Caravan parks - there's Searles as someone mentions above, also the one we stayed in (about 12 years ago now) is Manor Park. They are both within walking distance of a supermarket, fish and chip shops, the town centre, the seafront and the funfair, which is reasonably priced as those things go.

Loads to do in the area including Castle Rising, Norfolk Lavender and you could pop over and have tea with the Queen at Sandringham grin

Icypop Tue 09-Jul-19 20:52:11

Get yourself up to shields & get the ferry to Holland!

ClosedAuraOpenMind Tue 09-Jul-19 21:13:51

Dumfries and Galloway - really under visited but gorgeous part of Scotland

Lagan activity centre for the Uk's longest zip slide (my 8yo DD LOVED this) archery, grass sledging etc.

whisky and gin distilleries to visit, browse the book shops in Wigton, cliff top walks to the ruined castle in Portpatrick

Sparkledot Tue 09-Jul-19 21:50:52

These all sound lovely, thanks so much for your suggestions. I'm going to try and look at them in the morning before I have to confirm or cancel the one I have on hold.

@TroubleWithNargles @Phineyj I'll check those parks out as I haven't been to Norfolk for about 18 years and remember loving it

@Icypop Holland was on my list but think I got sidetracked

@Nextphonewontbesamsung why wouldn't I consider Europe?

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Sparkledot Tue 09-Jul-19 21:54:24

@Nextphonewontbesamsung I have posted in the UK board so would assume people would think I was looking for a few nights away in the UK so not sure why my post title would need to be any different

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HeyMicky Tue 09-Jul-19 21:55:16

Amsterdam on the Eurostar. Maybe with a stop in Brussels on the way back. Both so family friendly. Gentle cycling, canal cruises, science museum, beach, parks, bit of history, markets, chocolate, lots to eat.

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