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Houseswap in Plymouth next week - where should we go?

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SecondhandRose Sat 28-Jul-07 09:20:19

We are off on a one week houseswap to Plymouth next Saturday.

Where are the nicest and nearest beaches and what fun can be had in Plymouth with a 12yr old boy and 8 yr old girl.


WideWebWitch Sat 28-Jul-07 09:22:35

Might be something on at the theatre
don't know about beaches though

WideWebWitch Sat 28-Jul-07 09:23:21


WideWebWitch Sat 28-Jul-07 09:23:49


WideWebWitch Sat 28-Jul-07 09:24:47

Ooh look, parents guide to Pkymouth

ipodtherforipoor Sat 28-Jul-07 09:25:03

back home???!!!

only jokeing - I'm just jaded because I live here!

Trinityrhino Sat 28-Jul-07 09:25:17

theres a dry ski slope in plymouth

and a big warner bros cinema next to a pizza hut

ipodtherforipoor Sat 28-Jul-07 09:26:29

woodlands adventure park - near totnes, less than an hour drive

Beaches - try googling south hams beeches lots of nice ones there.

Paignton is a nice tacky seaside town

Looe in cornwall

Trinityrhino Sat 28-Jul-07 09:27:51

Loee is hidoues,I wouls avoid

but if your up for a longer drive then Rock is the beach to go to

ipodtherforipoor Sat 28-Jul-07 09:28:06

mega bowl at the barbican leisure park - with lots of reataurants and cinema

pavillions swimming pool has wave machines and slides

Pavillions ice skating too!

actually Plymouth not sounding too bad now! -shame i'm 28 now and would feel silly doing most of these things!!

ipodtherforipoor Sat 28-Jul-07 09:29:17

posh rock??!!! rah rah eton harrow rah rah!!

looe is cheesey, no frills, rock and sandcastles type town with good beach!

SecondhandRose Sat 28-Jul-07 10:10:00

We've been to Looe before how far is it from Plymouth? We are staying in the Manadon Park area of Plymouth.

Getting excited now. There should still be lots to do if the weather is bad. Would like to take the kids ice skating. We don't have a rink round here.

SecondhandRose Sat 28-Jul-07 10:12:00

I am going away for the weekend but please keep posting.

puppydavies Sat 28-Jul-07 10:29:20

last time we were in plymouth we went to the eden project on the train. not cheap but the journey is fabulous - and a treat in itself for our 4 yr old. there's a bus link from the station so is very straighforward.

gess Sat 28-Jul-07 10:38:18

We tend to go to Bigbury for the beach, there's a decent beach cafe there as well.

Ds2 keeps asking to go to Woodlands, never been so have no idea what its like. Morwellham Quay out at Tavistock (has a mine ride and cart rides) but haven't been there for years. I'm sure it used to canoe from there....

Boat trips- plenty of 'dockyard and warships' rides from the Hoe or Barbican, or ones that go further afield. The aquarium is good. If its not too breezy swimming at the Lido or there are free open air pools right next to the sea at Mount Wise (less than salubrious area though.... the Lido is a bit less scary, and quite cheap I think although I haven't been!) You can climb to the top of Smeaton's Tower. DS1 loves that.

Sparkwell animal park (?? might be called Dartmoor wildlife park) has ust reopened. It used to be a bit dody but has been bought out and completely refurbished. Heard on the grapevine its much improved. Dartmoor's always a good place to go if you like that sort of thing.

SecondhandRose Mon 30-Jul-07 19:00:42

Thanks so much everyone.

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