Bluestone-extra person! No judging please

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Hoppinggreen Fri 05-Jul-19 21:17:11

No idea about bluestone but it’s perfectly possible to do it at CP.
Drop the extra person ( adult) somewhere nearby and once you’ve all checked in go and get them. They count people in but not out - this assumes the make up of your party allows you to leave the rest of the party alone while 1 adult goes to get another adult.

Chickencellar Wed 03-Jul-19 08:55:35

We have been in the past the only time they may check is at check-in. You drive up to a booth after that nobody will notice , the houses are a little away from the middle bit and the pool area.

RoseAndRose Fri 28-Jun-19 08:49:54

Can you cancel the booking without great loss, and re-book somewhere completely different where you will all fit.

Yes, you may well be bubbled, and then you'll be asked to leave on the spot, which will be both more of a waste of money and more hostile to family life than making a planned change

Treasure440 Thu 27-Jun-19 23:13:30

So we have booked a break at Bluestone for the school hols, all good so far....
However we have a lodge that fits 6 people and we have a family of 6
In the meantime we have fostered a young lady who we obviously want to take with us but we cannot upgrade our lodge to a larger one as they are all fully booked!
My question is does anyone know how strict they are on extra people staying? Do you think we can sneak her in?
Please no judging...just advice please.
Thank you so much.

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