Camping Holiday for older children (9 and 14)

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stucknoue Fri 14-Jun-19 11:36:01

I loved Celtic camping, we went canoeing and coasteering. It's in Pembrokeshire

Sooverthemill Fri 14-Jun-19 11:18:46

I would suggest wales. Lots of campsites and tons of stuff to do this place has adventure stuff but so many have access to sea canoeing, abseiling etc

EDCH Fri 14-Jun-19 11:13:26

Can anyone recommend a campsite in the UK by the sea which is suitable for older children, in that there are outward bound activities nearby and a communal area where the teenagers might gather of an evening so that our daughter can make friends her age? Quite happy if there is no wifi and plenty of space for a game of cricket/football with other campers. We have been to lovely campsites in the past but there only seem to be younger children there and we need to look further afield now. Happy with quite basic and lots of nature around!

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