Heading to Skegness

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ricecake76 Tue 11-Jun-19 11:16:54

We are driving down for the North of Scotland to Skegness this summer (overnight) but want to stop off for a day and night within a 2hr drive of Skegness but I have never been to this area of the UK and am at a bit of a block as to where to look.
Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions of a good place to stop for a whole day and night where there will stuff to do with a 7year old and 9 year old both boys.
Any ideas welcome

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Ricekrispie22 Tue 11-Jun-19 17:44:37

Diggerland Yorkshire at Castleford is almost exactly 2 hrs from Skegness and should be en route for you. Premier Inn is just 2 miles away.

FreeFreesia Wed 19-Jun-19 15:32:38

Diggerland is a great call but not a whole day. Lots of restaurants, crazy golf, bowling, high walk at Xscape just down the road. Or 30 minutes away is the museum of mining where you can go underground (prebook).

AnthonyCrowley Wed 19-Jun-19 15:41:02

Somewhere near Doncaster and go to Yorkshire wildlife park?

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