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Camber Sands near Rye

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donnie Mon 23-Jul-07 18:12:50

we are going here for a few days soon - is it nice ? what would people recommend we see and do please? TIA

MaureenMLove Mon 23-Jul-07 18:21:02

Camber has a beautiful sandy beach, with all the usual beach front shops and arcades. Rye is lovely little town with a little marina and plenty of tea shops and a fab olde worlde sweet shop. Its got all the jars in the window and there are always queues outside, mainly of parents wanting sweets from the old days! There's more, but my mind has gone blank, give me five minute and I'll come back to you!

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 18:25:03

Ooooooooooo Donnie, we went 3 weeks ago. It's really really nice. We stayed in a caraven at the Park resort site. I am not sure where you are staying but I am assuming it's there or the Pontins as there aren't really any other places to stay.

Beach is gorgeous, no stones (not up by Pontins) golden and lots of little pools where the kids can enjoy themselves.

Places to go are Dungeoness, weirdo shanty town with a lighthouse and the Dymchurch Railway...

Rye, picturesque town with a beautiful old church, lots of cobbled streets and the cheese shop is fab. We go there for Snowdonia Cheddar

There is one of the Aspinalls Zoos near, can't think of the name, but that looked like a good day out, also smugglers cove at Hastings looked good, but we didn't have time.

Where are you staying?

Mercy Mon 23-Jul-07 18:25:26

We used to go Camber Sands a lot when I was a child - I still really like it!

Although it's a lot busier these days. As Maureen says, Rye is lovely too.

MaureenMLove Mon 23-Jul-07 18:25:39

Here we are! Try this site, all these places are within 1/2 an hour of Camber.

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 18:26:14

That meant to read that there are some stones by Park Resorts but not by Pontins.

donnie Mon 23-Jul-07 18:26:37

hey thanks folks - UCM we are also going to the Park resort centre - glad you recommend it. DD1 is so excited about staying in a caravan! Hope the weather pick up though!! although we aren't going for a few weeks yet!

MaureenMLove Mon 23-Jul-07 18:27:18

Port Lymph is the zoo, its near Ashford. Fantastic outlet place at Ashford too, thats only 1/2 away.

donnie Mon 23-Jul-07 18:27:54

thanks for that web link Maureen!

Mercy Mon 23-Jul-07 18:28:40

god, I'd forgotten about Dungeness. Weird but fab at the same time.

charliecat Mon 23-Jul-07 18:29:21

just posting so i can nose at that link later!

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 18:30:45

Oh, God, they have big tweenie type figures called Sparky (rabbit), Sparkle (girl rabbit) and Narky (aardvark), but Narky looked like a big black dog to me. Kids entertainment will be much better as it's the summer holidays now. Hopefully so will the evening entertainment as during term time its the redcoats or whatever they are called doing their own thing which is watchable. But hey you only pay a few quid on a Sun Holiday.

The site is lovely and clean and the van we stayed in was fab, clean and had added extras like a dvd player, microwave etc. We were not expecting this as it was a Sun Holiday.

This is the second time we have been. We went last year and camped, but they don't have tents there anymore.

MaureenMLove Mon 23-Jul-07 18:31:24

Are you going to be there for the bank holiday weekend because this is brilliant!

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 18:32:56

You know what I really like about it, there isn't a seafront with crappy arcades and such shite. It's a proper bucket & spade holiday. There aren't even hardly any shops on the seapath.

Sadly living in Southend, there is far too much of that sort of stuff here and it ruins holidays for me.

donnie Mon 23-Jul-07 18:33:20

yes! tha bank hols!! am really excited now....

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 18:34:18

Maureen, there wasn't any of that on when we were there and you are so right, it does look brill.

Look at me getting all excited, and I am not even going LOL.

charliecat Mon 23-Jul-07 18:34:39

Do take kites... Its a lovely beach for flying.

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 18:35:11

Ok Last post before I bore you to death.

Mrs Recycle has a caraven there. You might get to meet her. I have never been when she is there.

MaureenMLove Mon 23-Jul-07 18:37:30

Tis brill! I've been twice! All the people that do the re-enactment live there, in authentic tents and do all their cooking like they would have done in the old days. There's jousting and birds of prey and everything! I'm excited now! Actually, I might go again this year! I'll be at a friends caravan in Winchelsea Bay that weekend. (about 10 mins from Rye!)

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 18:38:11

Oooooooooooooooooooooooh, Winchelsea is soooo quaint. Can you tell I really really like it down in East Sussex.

MaureenMLove Mon 23-Jul-07 18:39:24

Just a bit!

donnie Mon 23-Jul-07 18:48:16

those links look really good, I wish we were going for longer now - sadly we will only be there for 3 nights. I suppose we can try to get upo ther early on the friday and leaver late on the monday so we can get a lot packed in. Really appreciate people's input here!

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 18:53:51

If you are only there for 3 nights. I would try to do rye, the beach & dungeoness on one day dependent on weather and a day out at some point. Depends on whether you all like driving, or history or what, but the kids entertainment starts at 7.30 after the bingo which I DID play. Won 59 pounds on the first night. Whatever we planned, we tried to ensure that we could go up to see the show as it's free and DS was so excited each day.

MrsRecycle Tue 24-Jul-07 13:58:05

My ears are burning!! thanks for remembering me UCM - glad you had a lovely time - shame we missed each other again! And can't believe you won Bingo - congrats.

donnie - are you going to be there the Bank Holiday weekend? If so you can come to ds 1st Birthday Party!! What date are you going to be there - we can have a drink and I can show you where to go/what to do. Dymchurch is good, old fashioned rides for the kids (and cheap!). Marsh Maize is great fun.

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