Is it possible to have a nice holiday with a whingy 4 month old?

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Lottle Fri 31-May-19 22:07:57

DH would like to go away soon, somewhere in the UK. I worry we'll just pay money to have a miserable time, when we could be miserable at home for free! (oh and all the packing omg)

We'd be away from support eg my parents, our baby doesn't go to bed until 10 and whinges from 7pm, anything like spa would have to be done in shifts if at all (not kean on a random creche) and I can't eat out due to a low fat diet I have to follow (for medical reasons).

Any suggestions or advice? If we go? Where to go? (BTW tried getting baby to bed earlier but he won't have it)

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homemadegin Sat 01-Jun-19 04:00:07

We went to center parcs in January with eight week old then again last week it was such a success.

Everything was just so easy. Swimming every day which tired her out, long walks in the pram. Spa facilities which we didn't use but could have done.

Self catering and you can get shopping delivered.

Everything geared up for kids and nobody batted and eyelid at tired babies of an evening. Some nights we just took her for a walk till she settled, safe and quiet.

School holidays crazy expensive but often reasonable last minute availability or late September not bad.

gotmychocolateimgood Sat 01-Jun-19 04:09:37

Yes, definitely. First, lower your expectations of a relaxing holiday and make sure you get time on your own every day to read, nap, relax or whatever. Wear out your DC with swimming and fresh air. Cook lovely food and have wine if that's your thing. It's still the same shit in a different place but it can still be fun. I don't regret any of our holidays when DCs were little, I enjoyed them all despite the odd nappy explosion, sleepless night, packing nightmare etc. Now holidays are genuinely relaxing--since youngest was 3. Holiday cottages in the UK are great.

lljkk Sat 01-Jun-19 04:11:48

Need to reset your expectations. It will be the same baby wherever you go, but you can get someone else to cook & clean & a change of scenery & new places to explore can lift the spirits.

I'm thinking I went to Mallorca & hill walking, but DS was really only whingy when sleepy, not most of time. Flight home was bit difficult, late night & rather delayed (thank goodness for breastfeeding).

Weenurse Sat 01-Jun-19 04:15:55

A holiday with a baby is not s holiday.
It is just caring for your child somewhere else with out the convenience of having everything you need close by.

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