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Liverpool to Prestatyn (Presthaven Sands) by car - anyone done it?

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Rorytigger Fri 20-Jul-07 16:01:16

Am of to Presthaven Sands in october and thinking of flying to Liverpool if I can get super cheap flights. Would then need to hire a car from Liverpool Airport to drive to Prestatyn - how long would that take and is it do-able?!

lissie Fri 20-Jul-07 16:03:01

liverpool is only an hour or so form prestatyn. we went there in may and it was fab!!

Tinker Fri 20-Jul-07 16:04:39

Very do-able.

Speccy Fri 20-Jul-07 16:07:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rorytigger Fri 20-Jul-07 16:14:16

We would be flying from Southampton. If we drive its going to take us about 5 hours compared to an hour's flight. Just happened to check out flights and they are really coming down in price, so if I can get them for silly money I think I'll go for it!

Speccy Fri 20-Jul-07 16:17:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gringottsgoblin Fri 20-Jul-07 16:20:51

we went via liverpool by accident once, its not far at all. went through the mersey tunnel which the kids loved

Rorytigger Fri 20-Jul-07 16:24:27

Thanks everyone - glad to hear its fab - though just what the waether will be doing in october is a bit
Propably be blown off our feet!!! Any good places to visit nearby???

stargate Sat 21-Jul-07 20:05:24

just got back from prestatyn - visit rhyl, llandudo, conwy bay, welsh mountain zoo. aquarium and cinema at rhyl - probably need those in october! theres also a great wave pool in prestatyn. and a shopping trip to cheshire oaks outlet village is a must so close to christmas!

stargate Sat 21-Jul-07 20:06:28

and plan a meal out at Nant Hall - on the main road about 1/2mile from the turning to presthaven

Speccy Sat 21-Jul-07 20:30:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Speccy Sat 21-Jul-07 20:34:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lissie Sun 22-Jul-07 07:38:43

we went to the seaquarium in rhyl tho and ds loved it! was a bargain to get into too

gringottsgoblin Sun 22-Jul-07 08:30:54

if you are doing anything in cheshire, have a look for free vouchers including the zoo!

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