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MardyMavis Mon 29-Apr-19 16:13:46

Has anyone had a holiday there? Is there a lot to do for kids of all ages? I've never been to Devon so a bit clueless on areas hopefully someone can help 😬

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Frazzled2207 Mon 29-Apr-19 16:20:46

Hmm I've been and it was lovely but it was pre-kids. I do recall it being quite grown-up and not necessarily kid friendly but I didn't have kids at the time so probably not the best person to ask.
I'm sure someone else will be along soon.
It's not on the beach so you would have to do a bit of a journey to a beach but not necessarily far.

MardyMavis Mon 29-Apr-19 16:37:12

Ok thank you

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Jess499427 Mon 29-Apr-19 16:39:05

There’s not much for kids in Dartmouth itself but there is plenty to do within 30-60 min drive if you have a car. Woodlands, beaches in brixham and Paignton, Paignton zoo, living coasts, pennywell farm, butterfly and otter sanctuary...

MardyMavis Mon 29-Apr-19 17:41:58

So probably Dartmouth not the best place?!

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Jess499427 Mon 29-Apr-19 19:17:46

Probably not! Torbay (Brixham, Paignton, Torquay) and towns on the Jurassic coast (exmouth along to Lyme Regis) would be much better for kids.

MardyMavis Mon 29-Apr-19 22:34:28

Thanks that's really helpful

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StitchingMoss Mon 29-Apr-19 22:36:20

We’ve just spent a week in Torquay and we visited Dartmouth for a day. It was lovely but I wouldn’t stay there with kids. Loads to do around the area though - Devon is gorgeous!

SunsetBunny Mon 29-Apr-19 22:38:32

Also the holiday accommodation is bloody extortionate, got to be one of the most expensive places to stay in the SW.

MardyMavis Tue 30-Apr-19 21:52:20

Ok thanks kind of confirmed it, I'd got a really good deal tbh with accommodation but need things close by as didn't want to travel out constantly.

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Mumof1andacat Tue 30-Apr-19 21:57:42

We are staying in paignton this August. Lots to do for kids there and plenty to do in a short driving distance.

MardyMavis Tue 30-Apr-19 22:16:18

I'll have a look at Paignton just hard to find exactly what we need as I've left it a bit late!

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DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 19-May-19 16:19:50

It’s perfect for children. So much to do. Boat rides, castle to explore, little coves.

Blackpool sands a short drive away. Can’t understand why PP think it’s not child friendly. We’ve gone the last two summers with dc. They love it. I had family there and spent every summer of my childhood there so I do know all the best places and things to do. Its £ to stay, only drawback.

ShellieEllie Sun 19-May-19 16:24:01

I'd definitely prefer to stay in Dartmouth over Paignton anyday!

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 19-May-19 16:27:04

We went twice pre-kids and saw so much that we thought children would enjoy we're going back this year with the kids

CherryPavlova Sun 19-May-19 16:38:20

Dartmouth is fabulous for children and adults.
Crabbing on the quay is great fun and very popular.
Boat rides up the river are lovely.
Cross the Dart and catch a steam train to Torquay where Coast world is good.
Fantastic beaches close by.
Good restaurants for all tastes and budgets.
You can do a big circuit of steam train, boat and bus.
Open air pool but Brixham has a sea pool that I think is nicer.
Hillside village had good self catering but was slightly outside the town.
If the naval college has an open day, it’s beautiful and fun for children.
Dart Marina is a nice hotel.

DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 19-May-19 18:12:08

CherryPavlova Can I ask what Hillside is like? Thinking about going, but the houses look so close to each other. We normally stay in the town but high on the hill so I can watch the river.

The rest of the family would prefer somewhere like Hillside. The grounds and pool look like a winner. The place we stay has a spa pass for the Dart Marina, but now the don’t allow under 16’s in the pool/spa. So that’s a waste for us. Something we pay for but can’t use.

CherryPavlova Sun 19-May-19 22:51:26

We’ve used it twice but that was about four years ago. They had built more houses so might be more cramped now.
We hired a detached five bedroom house as we had the in-laws with us for a special event. It had a hot tub which we’d always reviled but it converted us to the joys of a morning wallow.
It was very quiet when we were there last but that was outside school holidays in early September. We barely saw anyone else.
House had very modern furniture and fittings, was well equipped for ten people plus enough for visitors who came for supper one evening.
Very clean, very comfortable. Couldn’t really fault it except it’s not walking distance of Dartmouth itself. We used a taxi minibus for evening transport and it wasn’t too expensive or difficult to book.
We used the swimming pool - again it was nice because we were the only ones most of the time. Same with tennis court. I’m not sure how it would be in peak season but I think it would still be OK.

I think it was actually called Hillfield not Hillside now I think about it.

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