Lake district - where to stay?

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Petals23 Fri 12-Apr-19 16:20:03

So we're a couple, would like to stay somewhere where there's nice walks close by in early June. We're avid hill walkers! We're not from UK so wondering where would people recommend? Also, is Manchester the nearest airport?

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thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Mon 15-Apr-19 11:42:03

Manchester is the nearest airport and you can get a train to Windermere from there.

I'm not sure if you'll have a car? There are plenty of buses but they are pricey.

Windermere town isn't really in walking distance of any decent fells but you can get the bus to Ambleside (4 miles away) which is.

Ambleside can be a nightmare in the summer - very busy. If you want somewhere quieter and have access to a car I'd recommend staying around Troutbeck or further north near Dockray or Patterdale.

av3nturin3 Mon 15-Apr-19 21:01:56

My family rented a cottage just west of Penrith last July and it was our favourite part of our UK visit. There were 4 country walks from our doorstep. And supermarket trips to Penrith were 15 min away. I searched for the cottage on:,, and sykes cottages. The previous year we rented a furnished apartment in the Windermere area and while we did find 1 walk in the area using “Making Tracks: Fun Walks for Children in the Lakes” (a timely order from, we spent the rest of that first visit to the Lake District in the car, with each trip taking a minimum of 35 min.

MrsPworkingmummy Mon 15-Apr-19 21:12:17

We love the Lake District and would recommend Macdonald Leeming House on Ullswater:

There are fantastic walks on the doorstep, but the whole Lakes are accessible if you'll have car access.

If you'd prefer a hotel within a town, rather than by a lake, then I'd recommend The Inn on the Square in Keswick ( It's a little more difficult to hike from the doorstep (leisurely strolls are definitely an option however), but again, if you'll have a car, then all major mountains are within a short drive.

Unescorted Mon 15-Apr-19 21:30:14

The Eden Valley south east of Penrith or Kirby Stephen and the Howgills are stunning and quiet because everyone heads west to the lakes. Or if you have a car head out to the Western Lakes of Ennerdale and Wasdale… again quiet and stunning - more classic Lakeland than Eden Valley.

Get an OS map of the area you are wanting to walk in, a compass and off you go. The UK has some of the best walking routes in the world. If you are unsure where to go, log onto and look at some of the race routes - just don't walk them the same day as the race.

EvaHarknessRose Mon 15-Apr-19 21:32:57

I like the Langdales

Unescorted Mon 15-Apr-19 21:35:55

eva shhhhh! wink

Freddiemercurysjeans Mon 15-Apr-19 21:43:43

Eskdale or Coniston.

Funf Fri 19-Apr-19 20:11:36

I would plan the walks first then decide loads of accommodation but not always easy with no car

lovelyupnorth Sun 21-Apr-19 07:49:46

Fly to Manchester train to Ravenglass or St bees. West coast has some of the best waking and views.

Other option train to Penrith. Taxi to glen ridding and then you can do some great walks use the steamer on the lake.

Would avoid the central lakes during holiday time.

ivykaty44 Sun 21-Apr-19 07:54:27

Many walks very close and you can get the bus boat to locations to start walks

ivykaty44 Sun 21-Apr-19 07:58:58

Newcastle airport is also close, it’s an hour and a half travel time,

VictoriaBun Sun 21-Apr-19 08:05:34

As many posts say the main tourist areas which have many hotels, b&bs, and self catering accommodation is around the Windermere,Bowness,Ambleside, and Keswick areas. Here you will also find busy pubs,lots of cafes and places to eat in the evening. Then you have the quieter areas, Langdales,Coniston, Howgills(just on the edge of Cumbria ) and just out of the national park places like The Eden valley, and West Cumbria. You also have Ennerdale, The Combes. The area has a vast array of walking. Hills,valleys, coastline.
To be honest, rather than asking ,it would be better if you decide the type of holiday you want to go for and then buy a few books on the area you decide.

lljkk Sun 21-Apr-19 08:23:11

Flights into Glasgow is another possibility, IIRC.
Kind of need to decide whether to go for North Lakes or South Lakes as your base, as first thing.

JellySlice Sun 21-Apr-19 09:26:30

We often stay in Keswick, as it is very well-located for getting to different areas of the Lakes. It is also well-located for accessing the historical and cultural attractions. You can walk from Keswick, take local buses, or hire a car. Parking can be an issue in Keswick, but many rental properties come with a parking permit.

Alternatively, if you want to focus on the hill-walking, stay in a YHA hostel. Our favourite is Wasdale Hall - it pleases both the swimmers and the walkers in our family, as well as having good access to the coastal side of the Lakes. You do need to hire a car to take full advantage of Wasdale Hall.

TheDrsDocMartens Sun 21-Apr-19 09:33:32

Go for Keswick over Windermere/Bowness. Much nicer place. Pretty even distance from Manchester/Glasgow or Newcastle if you’re going to the north of Cumbria.

FrameyMcFrame Sun 21-Apr-19 23:38:47


All the best walking on the doorstep
And the rest of the lakes is too crowded with tourists.

BrilliantYou Mon 22-Apr-19 09:27:47

I would say Keswick. If you stay in town centre you have everything on your doorstep. Lots of lovely cafes, restaurants, lovely walks l, lake derwentwater where you can get a boat around lake to other areas.

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