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catchyjem Tue 02-Apr-19 21:18:35

Hi, I've rather randomly booked a short break to Sheffield next week! Looking for ideas of what's good to there with 3 primary aged children. I've got a couple of ideas from tripadvisor but would love to have some Mumsnet advise too, thanks!

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CaptainMyCaptain Tue 02-Apr-19 21:22:18

Whirlow Hall Farm lambing open days. I can't do a link on my phone but you can Google it.

hugoagogo Tue 02-Apr-19 21:23:37

It's fun to ride the tram.
I'm sure there's lots more, but I am never there with little ones.

OxanaVorontsova Tue 02-Apr-19 21:25:15

Mine loved Magna at that age
Kelham Island meant to be good - industrial history
Winter gardens
Weston Park museum

Yorkshiremum17 Tue 02-Apr-19 21:28:42

Weston Park Museum
Botanical Gardens
Graves Park
Heeley City Farm
Winter Gardens
Canal Basin
Peace Gardens
Ponds forge leisure centre
Tram rides
Kelham Island museum
Abbeydale industrial museum
Loads of park's and woodlands to walk through!

If you want to go a bit further afield
Yorkshire wildlife park
Yorkshire sculpture park
Chatsworth house

Karwomannghia Tue 02-Apr-19 21:29:02

There’s Weston park museum which is nice and central. It’s relatively near the botanical gardens too. There are loads of great parks.
You could go to the canal basin and Kelham Island museum and eat at the cutlery works which is like a modern industrial food court with very tasty food.
There’s ponds forge swimming pool which has a lazy river and slides and a new luxury odeon cinema nearby in town opposite the millennium galleries and theatres.

If you want to go into the country, chatsworth is beautiful or you could hire bikes and ride the Monsall trail and go along to Bakewell. There are loads of beautiful walking spots in the peaks.
There are lots of events on so knowing when and whereabouts you’re staying could help.

Stayawayfromitsmouth Tue 02-Apr-19 21:31:10

Weston Park Museum, Kelham island museum, millennium galleries, winter gardens, magna centre if it's raining.
There are several soft plays. Trams go to meadowhall, centretainment, ice sheffield and ikea.
There's a few cinemas in town centre too.
Lots of lovely parks, playgrounds and woodlands depending on where you are and if you have a car.
The Peak District is a short drive away or there are regular buses. Longshaw estate is very toddler friendly and currently has an easter trail. Or just a walk in the Peaks is great.
There are several theatres in town and often have child friendly screenings.
Several leisure centres to choose from too. Ponds forge is a bit run down but has a decent leisure pool.
Lots of easter fairs and activities on offer currently too. Sheffield school hols run from 1st til 12th april.
I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.

Stayawayfromitsmouth Tue 02-Apr-19 21:35:08

Oh yes lots of city farms too. Lots lovely places in the peaks to visit.
More tailored advice can be offered if you provide more detail on location and preferred activities.

FissionChips Tue 02-Apr-19 21:37:58

National gaming museum has opened there recently.

catchyjem Wed 03-Apr-19 10:15:57

Thank you! Lots of lovely ideas. I'm thinking of getting a 7 day family tram pass for £30 from the stagecoach app. The apartment we are staying in is 3 mins walk from a tram stop so seems like the best way to get about? Do you just need to show the ticket on your phone?

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catchyjem Wed 03-Apr-19 10:17:42

Also, is the national emergency services museum worth a visit?

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Karwomannghia Wed 03-Apr-19 16:08:50

Yes it’s good but very authentic (worn) just be aware that the trams only run roughly on the north side suburbs and to Meadowhall and centertainment, you’d need buses to get to Weston park museum parks and the peaks, chatsworth etc. Just made me think there’s an open air heated pool at hthersage If the weather picks up.

FissionChips Wed 03-Apr-19 19:38:10

You’d be best off buying a Citybus and tram ticket (combined, not separate). If traveling within south Yorkshire but outside of Sheffield then you’ll need to buy a South Yorkshire ticket (can be bought combined with the tram and city bus ticket). Citybus tickets allow you travel on all bus operators.

Gwynfluff Wed 03-Apr-19 19:41:29

If you get off at the University team stop you are about 5-10 minutes walk from Weston Park and the museum.

Gwynfluff Wed 03-Apr-19 19:42:04

Tram not ‘team’

FissionChips Wed 03-Apr-19 19:51:10

Weston Park also has an indoor picnic eating area where you can eat your own food. Check the website because they also have little events on in the morning for primary children.

There’s a huge bouncy castle park thing near Meadowhall too.

Karwomannghia Fri 05-Apr-19 21:45:08 is great for activities and events in and around Sheffield

catchyjem Sat 06-Apr-19 23:32:27

Great, all really helpful info thanks all!

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