Holiday cottages like Bosinver

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Happyelfjokeday Tue 02-Apr-19 15:26:15

Hi all, we’ve recently been to Bosinver in Cornwall. Was perfect for our family - indoor pool, farm animals, outdoor & indoor play areas, near beaches, lovely cottages...! But as of September we will be tied to school holidays & it’s very expensive (I guess everything is... we’re just not used to it!). Does anyone have any recommendations of places similar to this, if they happen to be slightly cheaper that would be a bonus but maybe we just have to get used to how much places like this cost in school hols! Thanks

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CaitlinsYellowSocks Tue 02-Apr-19 18:12:05

We have stayed in Flear Farm Cottages in Devon ( and they are also lovely for breaks with young children. Now tempted to try Bosinver before reception starts!

Happyelfjokeday Tue 02-Apr-19 18:36:57

Ah we have also stayed at Flear Farm! Agree was lovely... thanks for reminder. I would recommend Bosinver before you get tied to school hols - we really enjoyed it

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mummymeister Thu 04-Apr-19 12:18:42

We stay at Wringworthy cottages in Looe and particularly enjoyed it when the children were younger. Never stayed at Bosinver (out of our budget) but they have farm animals, outdoor pool, huge indoor games barn and not far from the sea. The last time we stayed there it was around £900pw in a 2 bed cottage. They do animal feeding and things like that with the kids.

Its also worth having a look at some of the farmstay websites as well as the awaywiththekids website which we have used a lot.

Happyelfjokeday Fri 05-Apr-19 11:42:52

Thanks, looks great - will check out that website too

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