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Mossiebonbon Thu 28-Mar-19 13:50:59

Looking for up to a week at easter for a family of 6 - 4 adults 2 child5ren age 11 and 9 many places booked up I am struggling to find somewhere - anyone have any suggestions? self catering fine but we would like to be somewhere near a nice town and be able to access the mountains and possible llyn peninsula. TIA

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vivariumvivariumsvivaria Thu 28-Mar-19 13:53:12

Following - fancy this later in the year...

bellinisurge Thu 28-Mar-19 13:57:04

Utterly shameless following because I was going to ask the same question. We were driving through Snowdonia at the weekend and I was remembering climbing it as a child in black pumps, an anorak and blue flowery shorts - it was the 1970s smile

Blackandpurple Thu 28-Mar-19 20:48:25

Try these. Taken over last year by a local family:

On the coast.A55. 20 mins from bangor, 30 from caernarfon and Llanberis.

RippleEffects Thu 28-Mar-19 20:53:04

I did a search on homeaway hopefully link works

TinselAngel Thu 28-Mar-19 21:01:51

Ring one of the National Park visitor centres, they should be able to advise:

Mossiebonbon Thu 28-Mar-19 21:06:32

Thank you for your advice will follow links x

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Oct18mummy Thu 28-Mar-19 21:10:47

We stayed in a lovely boutique hotel called Ffynnon 5 minutes away from Cadir Idris would highly recommend hotel and location to climb

Serin Sat 30-Mar-19 20:06:31

Have a look around Porthmadog /Criccieth or Caernarvon. All lovely towns and not too far away from Snodon or the Llyn.

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