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Where to stay in Luton?

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Bellie Tue 10-Jul-07 16:36:21

Going to a wedding - there are no rooms at the reception venue - anyone got any ideas?? Or am I doomed to stay at the holiday inn at the airport?
Venue for wedding not in town, but north Luton (on the way to Hitchin)


DrNortherner Tue 10-Jul-07 16:38:45

Hitchin Priory springs to mind? Very nice but not cheap.

Holiday Inn Hemel Hempstead is not too far away and quite reasonable. When is the wedding? The devine Luton Hoo opens in September but will be very expensive.

edam Tue 10-Jul-07 16:39:26

Agree if September onwards go for Luton Hoo.

Bellie Tue 10-Jul-07 16:41:29

Oohh will miss Luton Hoo by a couple of weeks.....

DrNortherner Tue 10-Jul-07 16:44:52

There is also a Thistle and Harpendedn House is quite nice too.

Bellie Tue 10-Jul-07 19:27:47

How far away are harpenden and hemel hempstead then? It looks a long way on the map?

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