Restaurant recommendations in Edinburgh

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fayebebaby Tue 05-Mar-19 20:54:14

Going to Edinburgh for 25th wedding anniversary can any one recommend any nice restaurants near the new town? Not too posh, thanks

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FairfaxAikman Tue 05-Mar-19 20:59:26

Dubh Prais.
Alternatively Whiski on the Royal Mile is a bar but does excellent food

Oldieandgoldie Tue 05-Mar-19 21:48:43

The one with ‘Witches?’ in its name? At the top of the Royal Mile?

Sunbeam18 Tue 05-Mar-19 21:58:39

Rollo in Stockbridge

Sunbeam18 Tue 05-Mar-19 21:59:21

The Witchery is posh and expensive (but fabulous)

midsomermurderess Wed 06-Mar-19 13:19:59

Cafe St Honoré is central (North West Thistle Street Lane). It's quite smart and mains are about £23 but they do a very good value express lunch too.

changecounterextraordinaire Wed 06-Mar-19 13:23:06

Nooooo, the Witchery is terrible - overpriced, relying on it's position and gothicness. Is pure shite.

Stockbridge has some good places to eat, and Leith - not exactly New Town but not too far.

midsomermurderess Wed 06-Mar-19 13:28:56

I completely agree about the Witchery. It's been coasting for years. It's also so dark you can barely see what you're eating. Leith's a good steer, eg Kitchen, Fishers Leith (there's also one in town) and The Shore.

roundturnandtwohalfhitches Thu 07-Mar-19 11:27:54

I'd second Café St Honore. Great food and the place is pretty laid back.

NoBarbaraGood Wed 20-Mar-19 18:04:31

L'Escargot Bleu on Broughton Street, if you enjoy French food (made with Scottish ingredients).

Jamsangwich Thu 28-Mar-19 11:16:31

If you enjoy veggie and vegan food, you can't beat Hendersons on Thistle Street. They've got a more cafe like place on Hanover Street too, but the Thistle Street place is perfect for couples. For Italian, Amarone on the corner of St Andrews Square and George Street is rather garlicky and lovely.

Groovee Sat 30-Mar-19 21:21:54

Otro at Coates Crescent is lovely.

Groovee Sat 30-Mar-19 21:22:17

Or Steak at Picardy Place

harridan50 Sat 30-Mar-19 21:25:02

The Witchery totally gorgeous eat in the downstairs garden area a really special place to visit.

Snugglesnuggleblanket Sat 30-Mar-19 21:26:48

If you love Indian food, try mother’s india

Like tapas but Indian food.
Amazing, not posh but really nice setting.

HotSauceCommittee Sat 30-Mar-19 21:28:30

Can anyone place the afremch bistro-type place we went to a few years ago? It was small and had lovely old stone pillars inside. It was opposite the gin place on a quiet tourist street that opens out into a big street.
Whatever it was called, it was lovely and not especially expensive.

NeonK Sat 30-Mar-19 21:32:40

Six by Nico. I've not been to the Edinburgh one but the Glasgow one is fantastic. Six course taster menu changes every 6 weeks.

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