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Just decided on a Narrowboat Holiday: companya recommendations needed now please .......

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Kaloo20 Sat 07-Jul-07 18:19:13

I've just decided to take DCs on a narrow boat for a short break.

Any company recommendations would be fab: especially looking for small independent operators.

I'm nervous about the quality of the accommodation too + have no idea which marina to start from, preferably the nearest to Surrey!

LIZS Sat 07-Jul-07 18:49:59

We did the Kennet and Avon for a week once, starting/finishing in Bristol to bottom of the very long locks (can't recall the name atm). Can't recall who with though but there weren't too many locks along the way and it was quiet. Other routes closer to you would be along river Wey around Guildford or Thames towards Oxford. Boat was fine btw.

LIZS Sat 07-Jul-07 18:52:43

Think it was this firm

Kaloo20 Sat 07-Jul-07 20:03:16

very nice boats <nods appreciatively> - I hadn't realised how much it would be for 4 nights !

Had about £500 budget only for boat

sadly - may have to go for cabin cruiser instead

grumpyfrumpy Sun 08-Jul-07 09:02:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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