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CHEAP(imo) lodges on a kids farm in south wilthsire

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theStallionOfSensibleness Fri 06-Jul-07 14:22:18

was at farmer giles farmstead todya and saw they now let out tow holiday lodges on teh site

magna chalets
that looked relal y nicely situated. It woudl be a lovely place to take small kids.

theStallionOfSensibleness Fri 06-Jul-07 14:23:09

adn £500 fo a week in school holidays i thought was reonable

WaynettaSlob Fri 06-Jul-07 14:26:05

Such an unfortunate choice of name.....thinking ryhming slang....

theStallionOfSensibleness Fri 06-Jul-07 14:26:54

yes but its a loevly spot
so quiet
if you were on a tight budget

and lso a play gournd petting animlas nad inoor area wiht a bouncy castle and so on


teh bloke who owns it is very nice too

nomdeplume Fri 06-Jul-07 14:27:06

magna chalets


rhyming slang.


theStallionOfSensibleness Fri 06-Jul-07 14:27:28

teh village is claled teffont magna

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