Visiting London on 23 March

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Leela96 Sun 17-Feb-19 23:52:19

Given the brexit march I presume I'd be mad to book tickets for the london eye

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Meretricious Sun 17-Feb-19 23:55:38

Why not. You might get a good view of it all.

BagpussAteMyHomework Sun 17-Feb-19 23:58:20

You’ll be in the other side of the river so you should be ok. I was at the last one and generally so long as you were not on the actual route the surrounding areas were ok.

bubblegumbottles Mon 18-Feb-19 00:05:57

Oh gosh, I didn't know this was a thing and I have a trip to London booked that day!... at 8 months pregnant...
Thanks for the heads up blush

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