Calling London/Southeast people - need some inspiration

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triplets Sat 02-Mar-19 16:43:06

Deal is fab with excellent Airbnb’s!

Extremecloseup Sun 17-Feb-19 20:32:19

Thanks all! Off to do some googling.

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TheClitterati Sun 17-Feb-19 19:50:30

You need a day trip to Folkestone.

Andcake Sun 17-Feb-19 19:43:16

Has to be broadstairs grin

Cyberworrier Sun 17-Feb-19 19:43:07

Great minds Flumpy!

HundredMilesAnHour Sun 17-Feb-19 19:41:32

Margate. Has some great sandy beach walks, you can sit on the harbour arm and enjoy a glass of wine (or excellent fish & chips), good coffee and restaurants plus lots of independent shops in the Old Town/Cliftonville, all topped off by the (free) Turner Contemporary.

Alternatively, go to Whitstable if you're willing to compromise on a pebbly beach. Less hipster and more middle class than Margate but great food, lots of indie shops and lots of art galleries.

The North Kent coast is famous for it's amazing light (hence the many artists) so you're on to a winner whether you go to Whitstable, Margate or Broadstairs. All different but all great places to visit from London.

Patchworkpatty Sun 17-Feb-19 19:34:06

Rye is stunning , Winchelsea beach is 10 minutes away.


flumpybear Sun 17-Feb-19 19:32:24

@Cyberworrier - you beat me to it lol - Broadstairs is fab

Cyberworrier Sun 17-Feb-19 19:26:16

Broadstairs in Kent! Beach, shops, places to eat and drink. And a Charles Dickens connection!

Extremecloseup Sun 17-Feb-19 19:24:28

Planning a trip to London, but also keen to do a few (hopefully) sunny days afterwards somewhere by the sea. Just don't know South East Coast area at all so not sure where to start.
Looking to be able to get there from London fairly easily, and ideally somewhere with nice views, restaurants, sandy beaches, independent shops and a bit of life to it ( but not somewhere big like Brighton). Does such a place exist?
All suggestions very welcome. smile

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