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mumchocchip Sat 09-Feb-19 20:57:32

Hey Everyone, We moved to Stroud, Gloucestershire in May and love it. We're currently renting and are now looking around for a house to buy. We love the area we currently live in (Bisley Road) but it's pretty expensive and so we probably can't afford much nearby. We've been to view a nice house that ticks the boxes on Mathews Way, Paganhill. Location-wise it has some good things going for it (near Stratford Park and the town centre) but we are a bit worried/not sure as the street is on the edge of a council estate and there are lots of flats which look a bit rough opposite. Sorry if I sound like a massive snob, I'm not against council properties or those who live in them, we just don't know what the area is like to live in and any advice would be appreciated! We have a 2 year old and another on the way so obviously want something family friendly. Thanks in advance smile

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Joi87 Sun 21-Mar-21 13:37:49

Hi mumchocchip,

Also planning a move to Stroud and renting before buying. Any tips on estate agents, etc.? Probably not the ideal time to relocate but needs must ! smile

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