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Holidays on Kent coast

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DifferentDrum Thu 31-Jan-19 12:56:37

We're considering booking a week on the Kent coast during summer holidays - me, DP and DD11. Been to a few places in Devon/Cornwall/Dorset before but Kent is shorter drive.
Broadstairs looks nice (also looked at Whitstable but prefer sandy beach & I think Whitstable is shingle!) but is there enough to do there for a week, particularly if weather's not good enough for the beach? What type of shops/restaurants/cafes are there, and is there a fair amount of choice? Are there any watersports available? Leisure centres/museums/cinemas etc? Is it very busy/touristy over the summer? Basically I'm just looking for any info, advice or recommendations from anyone who knows the area. Thanks in advance.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 31-Jan-19 17:26:48

I’d say Margate in terms of leisure activities other than the beach. There’s The Shell Grotto, Dreamland, Turner Contemporary museum and the Hornsby visitor centre. The leisure centre has Wet n Wild swimming sessions with a giant inflatable assault course. There’s bike hire and a family-friendly escape room called The Escapement. Shopping-wise, there are several vintage and individual shops where you can find some unique things and which are just nice to browse in. And there’s been a big boom in restaurants recently.

DifferentDrum Thu 31-Jan-19 18:15:38

Thanks for your reply. Don't think we'd actually want to stay in Margate but am I right in thinking it's only a short drive from Broadstairs for the rainy day activities you mention? Wet and wild swimming sounds right up dd's street!

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