Suggestion for uk break with teenagers

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RedSkyLastNight Wed 30-Jan-19 18:13:21

We're wanting to go on a short break in the UK in the Easter holidays. The DC are 13 and 15 and easily bored so need things to do or places to go.
We are clueless! Hoping for some ideas of short breaks you've enjoyed with your younger teens?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 30-Jan-19 18:35:15

center parcs? there is loads to do there

Ricekrispie22 Wed 30-Jan-19 19:19:48

North or south?

goldengummybear Wed 30-Jan-19 19:21:51

Boy or girl?
City or countryside?
Where abouts in the country do you live?

RedSkyLastNight Fri 01-Feb-19 12:18:50

one boy and one girl. We live in the south east of England, but will travel ... City or country side considered, they/we don't have any specific interests or dislikes!

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 01-Feb-19 17:37:11

Warmwell Holiday Park has a dry ski slope (can hire Ringos if skiing or snowboarding doesn’t appeal), heated indoor pool with flume and wave machine, bike hire, crazy golf and bowling. It’s just a few miles from the Jurassic Coast and a few minutes from Bovington Tank Museum. It’s also just outside Dorchester which has lots that would interest a teenager.

No1HolidayPlanner Fri 01-Feb-19 23:44:03

We have booked here for a week in Easter hols with young teen boys..

onsite indoor pool, tennis court, games room. It's near Barnstaple so near to beaches if weather ok and lots to do on North Devon coast.

MartaHallard Fri 01-Feb-19 23:48:06

I see you're in the SE, so you might go there often anyway, but have you considered London? No shortage of things to do to suit all tastes.

dawn29 Thu 07-Feb-19 20:47:40

Centre Parcs is great for all ages, ive got 2 teens and have gone to Centre Parcs for many years, they can choose their own activities before we go from a huge list online which they love doing, it also includes the water park so they are never bored.

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