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SwivelHips Tue 29-Jan-19 11:42:00

I've been looking at travelling to France and Jersey jumped out. We've never been. DS 6 is happy jumping in and out of pool all day so I guess we need to see a bit of sun. What's the weather like? Found something called Les Ormes which looks nice....any thoughts on Jersey for family holiday appreciated. Presumably we can drive? TIA

Satsumaeater Thu 31-Jan-19 15:18:12

It's amazing. Do it. Loads to do, lovely places to eat, nice beaches, castles, other historic sites, shopping - we like it because it's a combination of beach break and city break and for a tiny island it has lots to do.

You can take the ferry and drive or fly and hire car or just get a bus pass as the bus network is good.

Big advantage - not affected by currency fluctuations as they use the £.

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