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Ideas for child free night away?

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stiltonontoast Sun 27-Jan-19 14:19:06

Its my DH's birthday in March and I want to take him away for the night, it would prob be Saturday til Sunday. We have a 1 year old DS and its the first time we'll be leaving him overnight.

I'd like to do something a bit novel, seaside, woodland or shepherds hut/yurt but would be good, but also open to hotel/city/nice town. Mainly I think we'd like to walk about eating and drinking and all day and enjoying eachothers company.

We live near Bristol, so don't want to spend too much of our child free time travelling - ruled out London/Brighton/Margate because too far.

Any other ideas?

BlueChampagne Mon 28-Jan-19 13:12:18

How about a spa in Bath and an evening at the theatre (if you have the energy)?

stiltonontoast Mon 28-Jan-19 14:10:09

I did consider Bath @BlueChampagne but feel its a little close to home, we may as well stay in our house!

BlueChampagne Mon 28-Jan-19 15:39:20

I see what you mean! What's that famous place in Abergavenny? The Walnut Tree? Fine dining and country walks? OK so long as the bridge is open.

peekie Mon 28-Jan-19 15:51:32

If you're coming from Bristol what about Worcester?

Or even Birmingham as that's a good place for eating out and having a good wander.

Raera Mon 28-Jan-19 18:16:15

We spent a couple of days in Cheltenham earlier this month. Lovely place

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