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MrsAmaretto Sun 27-Jan-19 12:22:03

Hi, we’re hoping to take the kids to legoland Windsor and will need a hotel for the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night. We’ll be coming down from Scotland on the train so won’t have a car. Where would you recommend?

It will be 2adults and a 9 & 6 year old. Oh, and it’ll be May, but outside the English & Scottish school holidays.

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nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sun 27-Jan-19 12:31:20

We went to legoland. We stayed in the Windsor central Travelodge. Was a 10 min walk from the train station and there was a shuttle bus to legoland about 10 min walk away. Cost £10 for a return for 2 adults 2 children. There was another bus that went there too. Think it took about 20 mins to get there, the first bus gets you there about 930, we went in August and we were in and on a ride at 10am!!

Windsor is beautiful we walked around the park areas and along the river in the evening. Was also quite a few shops and restaurants to pick up food or supplies you may have forgotten.

But my biggest tip download the legoland app it has live updates for ride que times. We didn't wait longer than 20 mins for any ride (ninjago and the 2 water ones were the longest) we went on every ride inc the Dragon and baby Dragon 3 times each!! Quietest times were lunch/dinner times and the last hour smile

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sun 27-Jan-19 12:35:11

We also don't drive and my DD's were 9 and 6 last year when we went they loved it and want to go again this year but definitely do 2 days if you can as we did all the rides as I said but didn't do the park bits or the water park or shows.

If you have any other questions I would be happy to help i did lots of research before we went smile

MrsAmaretto Sun 27-Jan-19 12:49:17

That’s brilliant, thank you for all that information. I’m getting my hair dyed tomorrow so will have plenty time to research 😀 But I will dm with some questions!

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 27-Jan-19 15:01:26

Langton House is a reasonable bed and breakfast with a family room. It’s only a short walk to the castle, which was a bonus. Rainworth House is also very close and has a couple of rooms which sleep 4

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