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CHAMPNEYS - should be available on the NHS!

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emmatomATO Mon 02-Jul-07 09:48:35

If anyone is in need of some tender loving care, some time out, some pampering or just need to chill for a bit - head to Champneys.

Having just returned from a weekend with 6 girlfriends I can only say I want to go back - NOW!

We ate til we burst (but all good stuff), we swam, steamed and had saunas, we were massaged to within an inch of our floppy bits, manicured to death and inbetween that just lolled around reading and chatting (and drinking the odd glass of smuggled in wine).

The staff were, without exception, wonderful -couldn't do enough for you.

Highly recommended.

mummydoit Mon 02-Jul-07 09:50:46

Ooh, lucky you! In the days before children, when we had money, I used to go for a long weekend every year. DH treated me for my 40th last year too and it was wonderful. Soooo relaxing. If I won the lottery, I would check in there for a month.

Whoooosh Mon 02-Jul-07 09:51:57

Going just for the day at the end of the month with a couple of girlfriends-looking forward to it...

lisad123 Mon 02-Jul-07 09:52:58

Hmm i keep dreaming of going. Was going to do a mums to be day, but noticed you couldnt get many treatments, so will head there once baby is here
Sounds like a lovely weekend.

MrsScavo Mon 02-Jul-07 09:53:52

Should be provided on NHS to all mothers on their childs first birthday!

mum2sam Mon 09-Jul-07 13:48:51

oh sounds lovely where abouts is it and is it expensive?

emmatomATO Tue 10-Jul-07 13:15:11

mum2sam - i went to to the one in Ashby-de-lazouch in Leicestershire, but they do have them around the country.

Their website is and the prices vary as you can go for just a day or up to a week.

Worth every penny anyway!

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