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Torquay with a one year old - what do you do in the evening?

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jel73 Sun 01-Jul-07 13:47:55

Hi there

We are off to Torquay next weekend for 3 nights, staying in a hotel 5 mins from the sea front.
Having been there as a kid, I know of most of the attractions in the area. However, I am wondering about things to do at night. When you go abroad you know you can take your child with you, sit outside a pub and watch the world go by, but in the UK kids do not seem to be welcome after 9pm at the latest. With the smoking ban now in effect (hallelujah!!) I am wondering if there are now bars which welcome families and/or have outdoor drinking areas where we can veg for the evening. Any info would be much appreciated!

kay1981 Thu 26-Jul-07 16:44:38

Sorry Jel73, read it too late as you already been, but can I be cheeky n ask what you did coz we're going with a one year old in about a months time?


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