Nice stopover off the M5 (nr Bristol)

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Happyelfjokeday Sun 20-Jan-19 21:11:45

Hi - advice needed! We’re off for a long weekend in Cornwall, setting off from Birmingham. Will be a 4 hr journey so considering going the afternoon before and trying to get halfway-ish to break the journey up, and also have a nice wander somewhere/nice dinner/nice hotel on our way. Feeling tempted by Bristol as would be good to walk round and eat... but it’s only 90 mins from home and ideally would get a bit further down the motorway... any ideas? Taunton seems to be about 2 hrs which is ideal but not sure what it’s like? No kids - just a lovely adult weekend so can wander, go into coffee shops and not need to worry about playgrounds - so just want to find somewhere nice, any advice welcomed! Thank you

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CrazyOldBagLady Sun 20-Jan-19 21:20:26

Following with interest. We've toyed with the idea of a stopover in Weston-super-Mare or Glastonbury but not got round to it yet, so no advice I'm afraid.

sphinxa Sun 20-Jan-19 21:32:14

Don't go to Weston-super-mare, it's a shithole.

Clevedon is fairly nice.

If you have national trust membership: knightshayes or killerton.

Wellcolourmehappy Sun 20-Jan-19 21:35:44

What area of Cornwall are you travelling to? If you are going quite far down then I would suggest stopping at Exeter as the A30 is notoriously slow so you may take longer on that stretch even though it may be a shorter distance. Exeter Quay is lovely with pubs and restaurants and little crafty places located in the cellars?

borntobequiet Sun 20-Jan-19 21:40:09

Try Brean Down

Happyelfjokeday Mon 21-Jan-19 06:21:47

Clevedon could make sense as a nearly halfway point! Exeter 3 hrs out of a 4 hr journey so probably a bit further than we wanted to go on day 1 - but thanks all for suggestions! (We do have national trust membership as well!)

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lucydo Mon 21-Jan-19 15:28:03

lots of people break the journey at Tyntesfield (NT), but Clevedon is nice. Try Tiffin's cafe on the front

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