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Where to stay/Isle of Wight

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1dilemma Wed 27-Jun-07 00:42:22

Hello everyone
I know we've left it really late but am hoping someone can suggest somewhere nice to go with pre-schoolers in August. Can anyone suggest anywhere, or can anyone suggest anywhere to stay on the Isle of Wight?
Thanks in advance

Desiderata Wed 27-Jun-07 01:00:11

The Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to take children.

Sandown, Shanklin or Ventnor are the areas you'd be best placed to settle. You can camp, go holiday village, or stay in a hotel.

But park up and walk, where possible. It can get traffic clogged, and that doesn't give you the best perspective of the island. There are loads of little books you can buy when you're over there, with short walks in them.

The south coast of the island is crumbling a bit, but still lovely.

Honestly, whatever accommodation you chose, its a great, old-fashioned seaside holiday .. and the ferry crossing is great!

ChippyMinton Wed 27-Jun-07 14:07:50

orchards is quiet caravan park with an outdoor and an indoor pool.

nodes point is an all singing all dancing park with direct access to the beach.

We've stayed at both. I0W is lovely.

manicmama Wed 27-Jun-07 14:36:37

If you are looking for a hotelthis site might help - just search by keywords under "Isle" and narrow category to places to stay

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