Lake District relocation from the Midlands

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Allaroundadventure11 Mon 17-Dec-18 19:27:41

I'm a first time mum with a 10month old LG.
For a while now me and my husband have loved the idea of living in the Lake District.
We've been there on numerous holidays and short breaks.
We're all for the outdoors, sports and natural environment. After being on maternity the last 10months It's become more evident I'm really not a town person.
My husband's a engineer and I would love to go to uni to study outdoor adventure at Ambleside (already been to open day/enquires etc)
With such a big move and commitment we would ideally rent for 6months plus to then go onto buy a house in an area we liked.
I guess what I'm asking for is advice if anyone has done something similar, families who live in the lakes and what it's like. TIA smile

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