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Camelot - has anyone been and stayed over?

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Dottydot Wed 20-Jun-07 19:07:03

We're collecting up our Tesco's vouchers and thinking of using them to take the boys to Camelot - ds1 is very into knights at the moment so he'd love it. Also wondering about staying a night - has anyone been and was it worth it?!

debbiewebweb Wed 20-Jun-07 21:33:11

Went to Camalot a couple of weeks ago, with family, it was half term and weather was forecast as awful, but decided to go anyway and glad we did. It was pretty quite - no queues for any rides / meals / stalls etc - which was excellent and it stayed dry all day . The children with us were aged 22 months, 4, 5 and 7 and they had a great time, there were enough rides for them to go on and a lovely little petting farm with goats running around the yard. I wasn't sure how my two dds would enjoy the knights show but they loved it. It started with a bit of a naff warm up (which I guess could be missed to get a queue free ride should it be busy when you visit) but my 5 year old still talks about it and even the lo was entertained by it (and lunch - the show was at 12 o'clock she we bought take way food and took it into the show to eat). All in all a pretty good day out particularly suited for the younger ones.

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