Passed driving test now I hate driving

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Cherryrainbow Wed 17-Oct-18 13:39:54

Any words of advice or can anyone advise if this is normal? It took me a long time to feel confident and pass my test in the car I had lessons in. Now I've passed and have a different car I've pretty much lost all my basic skills. To be fair it's only my 3rd day of using the car but I get so worked up I feel like I'm going to throw up everywhere. I stalled a ridiculous amount of times at one roundabout yesterday and had a scary hill start incident the day before and it's really thrown my confidence. I had a drive around my housing estate today, stopping and starting so I feel a bit better about the take off, and I'm working on my reversing into my driveway (completely different to how I did it in the other car) which is getting better. For now I just want to drive when I have someone in the car with me. My main fears are: parking, stalling at junctions/roundabouts and also driving new places mostly cos of the first two points. Honestly instead of feeling elated about passing the test I feel like crying and feel ill when I even think about driving.

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KateGrey Wed 17-Oct-18 13:42:01

You’ll get used to it and you’ll have so much freedom. Adjusting to a different car always takes a bit of getting used to. The days just after you pass are always nerve wracking but it will get better. I’ve been driving for 20 years now as has my dh and he still has the odd stall. I still have the odd wobble parking.

Loopy9 Wed 17-Oct-18 21:01:24

Don’t worry you’ll get your confidence up eventually. I remember when I passed my test and got my car I could only drive to the supermarket and even that made me panic. For weeks this was the only journey I did! However the more I got used to the car, I felt a bit better and eventually drove to other places (again and again!). I had all sorts of crap drives, stalled, got beep at by aggressive drivers etc etc but eventually I got the hang of it. So the same will happen to you, congratulations on passes your test! Onwards and upwards xx

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